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Branding Your Staffing Agency in 3 Steps

Branding your staffing agency is one of the most important and effective ways to make your firm successful. While it may take some time to popularize your brand, having a solid identity in the staffing world is essential. Ultimately, a strong company brand allows a staffing agency to attract the best talent and portrays it […]

How to Attract Job-Seekers to your Agency

A position opens up in your business or agency and it’s time to hire someone new—someone good. You have a specific type of person in mind, but for some reason he or she just isn’t applying. Why not? Don’t worry, it may not be you. It’s probably your application process. Don’t let a stressful or […]

How the Gig Economy is Changing Employment

App-based companies provide us with the power to order a taxi, a new wardrobe, a maintenance man, or a burrito (with guacamole) all in the palm of our hand. The impact and popularity of these companies have even produced an entirely new string of economic strategy known as the gig economy. Comprised entirely of independent […]

Take Control Over Your Staffing Invoices

Not having enough working capital for your business because of unpaid invoices can be tough on your business. In the staffing industry, payroll has to be on time, every time. So when your business doesn’t have the funds to cover payroll, that leads to problems. It is important to be firm on these types of […]

Top Three States for Staffing Company Owners

Staffing agency owners know better than anybody that succeeding in the industry is no easy task. The ever-changing economy, legal red tape and tax regulations all make administering a staffing company a tricky venture. But did you know that it is a tougher venture in some states than in others? It is true—there are certain […]

How the Holidays Impact the Staffing Industry

The holiday season has officially arrived! Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, American consumers are ready to do their holiday shopping. Today, for example, is Cyber Monday, one of many days that see an excess of customers around the holidays. Naturally, days like today provide a huge spark for businesses of all shapes and […]

How Smart Financing Can Make or Break your Staffing Firm

Running a staffing agency can be a pretty tough task. There are a number of potential issues that can lead to failure in the staffing industry— Inadequate insurance, lack of labor, poor customer service, dissatisfied clients, dissatisfied workers, etc. But what sits atop the long list of threats to a staffing firm’s survival is bad […]

Performance Reviews Negatively Impact Millennials

For all staffing company owners that are looking to maximize the productivity of their millennial temporary workers, here is some need-to-know information from a recent TriNet study. Everybody in the world of temporary staffing knows that millennials are bringing a new culture to the workforce. And as it turns out, a side effect of that […]

Workers Value Work-Life Balance over Pay

Contrary to how it was in previous eras, it turns out that the modern adult worker in the United States values quality of life and work-life balance over pay. The American Staffing Association Workforce Monitor held a study that reveals that sixty percent of the adult workforce had no intention of seeking a new, better […]

Job Seekers Go Mobile, Study Reveals

It is no secret that the internet and social media have had a profound impact on job recruiting/job seeking. But, the impact of “smartworking” (i.e. the way that working is done with the modern technological presence) may be more prevalent than you know. In the recent Adecco Work Trends Study, it was revealed that social […]