Temporary Staffing Factoring for Accelerated Cash Flow

If outstanding invoices are holding up your staffing company’s books, temporary staffing factoring can accelerate your cash flow! Sell your invoices to temporary staffing factoring companies and receive cash back immediately. Spend your time and energy on moving your company toward its goals, not on struggling with slow cash flow. Get the cash to move forward now with Factor Finders’ temporary staffing factoring services.

Choose Payroll Funding for Temp Staffing

Poor cash flow from payment cycles that take way too long. You’ve been there, but you no longer have to waste time and resources on meeting payroll, thanks to payroll funding for temp staffing. Temporary staffing payroll funding will break the wait for slow invoice payouts, and solve your cash flow problems!

Financing temp staffing companies with payroll funding is vastly preferable than a bank loan. Temp staffing factoring is easier, more flexible, and instantaneous. Why go through the trouble of filling out a lengthy application and getting a financial audit to try to get a bank loan, only to get turned down based on credit, experience, or size? Any staffing company can get approved for payroll funding, without the hassle of long applications or exhausting procedures. Furthermore, payroll funding doesn’t require creating any new debt or handing over collateral.

Payroll funding for temp staffing is the easiest and best answer to your company’s cash needs. Stop waiting on payment from slow invoices, stop holding up your company’s progress, stop wasting time and energy struggling to make payroll. Contact Factor Finders now to be matched with the best payroll funding for your temporary staffing company!

What Makes Temp Staffing Factoring Better than a Bank-Loan?

Warehouse Staffing Factoring Bank-Loan
The application is simple and easy Lots of difficult paperwork makes for a thick and exhausting application
Any warehouse staffing company is eligible, no matter what the circumstances Companies experiencing rapid growth can get turned down for funding
You don’t take on any risk Forces you to create debt
Flexible plans based around your company’s distinct goals and needs Strict bureaucratic procedures and little personalization
First-time accounts will get processed and funded in just days Approval can take an extremely long time
Bad credit is fine. Size, credit, and experience will not affect your ability to receive funding Banks can reject your application based on the size, experience, or credit of your warehouse staffing company
Once approved, you can get cash funding instantly as often as you need You need to re-apply every time a new funding need arises

What to Look for When Choosing Temp Staffing Factoring Companies

  1. Trustworthy Reputation
  2. Staffing Factoring Experience
  3. Staffing Industry Knowledge
  4. Competitive Factoring Rates & Flexible Terms
  5. Back Office Services for Staffing Companies

The Temporary Staffing Payroll Funding Process is Easy!

Factor Finders makes temp staffing payroll funding easy. Trained experts review your funding objectives and find the temp staffing factoring company that best fits your company’s needs. Once you’ve been approved, the staffing factoring company will pay you for your outstanding invoices within days. After the first transaction has been processed, your company will get cash back instantly, up to 90%, followed by the remainder minus a fee as the factor collects directly from your customers.

Benefits of Temporary Staffing Factoring:

Here are some of the many benefits temporary staffing factoring will give your company:

  • Up to 90% cash back instantly
  • Bad credit OK
  • Flexible service—flexible contracts
  • First time accounts processed and funded within a few short days
  • No hidden fees
  • Lowest rates: 0.69% to 1.59% for 30 days
  • No minimums or maximums

All temporary staffing companies, regardless of size or industry, can benefit from staffing factoring! Industries served include:

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