How to Attract Top Talent to Your Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies recruit and match candidates to a specific job, usually based on experience and interest. Staffing agencies can provide both temporary and temporary-to-hire employment. If you want to attract the top talent to your staffing agency, you must appeal to and produce the top talent.

Here’s How:

Tips on how to Attract Top Talent to your Staffing Agency

Clear the Air

Staffing agencies can have a bad reputation because people may feel they can go directly to the hiring company instead of through a staffing agency but there are many benefits of doing lateral growth.

There are reasons to combat the bad reputation temp jobs have and it is up to the agency to prove their referral program has its benefits. Write an article about “busting myths” at your staffing agency and promote it through social media. You’ll be surprised at how many more applications you’ll get.

Share Testimonials of Success

Reputation means everything and positive testimonials stand a test of time. Providing testimonials speak directly to the success of your business. When you have genuine success stories it increases the credibility of your staffing agency.

Your agency can get testimonials from others who have found success through your staffing agency. You can ask people to give a quote of why working with your staffing agency has helped the vs going straight to the business and what sets you apart from the competition. Showing off the positives will up the numbers of qualified individuals that come to your company.

Offer Incentives

You can’t expect your agency to be an applicant’s first choice without a good benefits package such as medical insurance and retirement plans. Although you cannot change the work environment where the client is placed, you can give incentives to stay with your staffing agency.

Showing that a good performance holds value and can earn rewards will also attract the top talent to your staffing agency. It is up to you to ensure your staffing agency stands out against your competitors and a tried and true way is by offering top tier rewards and benefits. This will make your staffing agency more likely to get applications.

Show Numbers Supporting Success

 Some examples of that would be showing percentage rates of people who get placed in a job within a certain time period or show numbers of people who are hired on after being placed with a job.

  • “65% of those who come to our staffing agency get placed with a job within two weeks.”
  • “70% of those who work with our staffing agency get hired full time after one year.”

What you don’t measure doesn’t count — so document everything.

Provide Direct Route to Experience

Not only should your staffing agency focus on attracting top talent, but they should also focus on the growth and development of talent too. It is important to not limit candidates to only what they are used to by placing them in jobs that provide no real experience.

Placing candidates in jobs that will develop their skills can attract top talent to your staffing agency and set you apart from competition. . Dedicate training classes that will develop talent not only shows that you invest in your candidates but also that you care about their future. Development opportunities will drive many hard-working individuals to your company.

Expanding your Staffing Agency

With the help of our invoice factoring program, we can provide your agency with the funding it needs in order to expand. By factoring outstanding invoices through EZ Staffing Factoring, staffing firms can obtain a constant stream of working capital. You want to have a large, reputable business and invoice factoring can help. Factoring can support your efforts of hiring people, pay salaries and expand. Take advantage of the flexibility and simplicity of temporary staffing funding with payroll factoring.

Common staffing agencies mistakes that prevent growth

Mistakes that Prevent Staffing Agency Growth

The U.S. staffing market is booming. Not only is the industry expected to grow to 147 billion dollars in 2018, it is also outpacing other industries in overall economic and employment growth. Time to tap into this potential and expand your staffing company.

Every staffing company dreads hitting a point where their growth becomes stagnant, especially after previously experiencing increased revenue, production and placement. So, what are some mistakes staffing agencies make that hurt prevent growth?

The difference between small to midsized staffing companies that continue to grow and those locked in the same place boils down to some overlooked staffing agencies mistakes.

7 Deadly Sins for Staffing Agencies to Avoid

1. Best value propositions getting ignored

Almost every staffing and recruiting firm has a list of value propositions that makes them “unique.” However, very few of these proclaimed benefits are actually one-of-a-kind.

For example, every staffing agency at some point advertised the ability to find top-notch candidates who aren’t available anywhere else. This claim has been purported so much that prospective clients no longer believe it. Unless you have a secret laboratory hidden in the woods where you’re raising the next generation of professionals, then you’re most likely working with the same talent pool as everyone else.

Instead of being vague about what value your company adds, take your staffing agency to the next level by highlighting one or two specific features where your brand stands out among competitors, such as high retention or closing rates.

2. Not maximizing top performers’ value

The staffing industry is highly competitive, which means that recruiting agencies need to strategize the use of their internal talent – especially their top performers. They are the ones who increase revenue, placement, and growth targets. Their time should be spent building connections, overcoming objections, and closing deals. As these actions yield business growth, it’s important to prioritize them above all else.

Don’t have your top people perform time-wasting tasks that fall outside of their most productive skillset. These tasks include administrative, screening, and onboarding duties. Other members of your team can take on these responsibilities, so you can have your top performers work on growing the business.

3. Failing to attract candidates

One of the main reasons temporary staffing agencies stop growing is due to the lack of the inability to foster a steady flow of quality candidates. Ask yourself this: why is your brand the perfect fit for potential candidates? Their time is valuable, prove that your services are too.

Create brand awareness by sponsoring community events and focusing on content marketing. Both strategies will put your agency out there as a strong presence in the industry and will make candidates trust you as a source of career advice. More candidates mean a faster growing agency.

4. Limited tracking of operational measures

It is crucial to track various metrics in order to monitor success. Doing so can determine the areas of improvement that are crucial for growth. Only measuring metrics such as profit or revenue is a big mistake that keeps your staffing firm from growing. It limits the ability to make accurate decisions. Data can tell you what contributed to profitability and what hindered growth, use it!

Some examples of what you should be monitoring would be overall candidates received per week, which recruiters seem to be getting the most leads, who is closing the most deals, etc.

5. Not utilizing technology

The right software should supply powerful reporting and analytics tools to monitor performance, as well as save recruiting and sales teams time to increase productivity.

A common pitfall for staffing agencies is a failure to use the technology at their disposal. Use social media, like LinkedIn, for recruiting. You can also use texting on mobile phones to conveniently reach potential candidates at any time of the day. Growing your staffing agency doesn’t have to be expensive with these little tricks.

6. Lack of in-person engagement with candidates

It’s important to use technology, but face-to-face interactions will never go out of style. Due to the fact-paced environment of the staffing industry, it’s easy for recruiters to become so task-oriented that the only interactions occur between computer screens. Recruiting professionals should be encouraged to leave their desks and meet with prospects. Constantly maintain a networking mindset and watch your staffing agency grow.

7. Not making payroll on time

Sometimes you have to wait 45 to 60 days for your clients to pay you. Staffing agencies are expected to pay the differences out pocket until they receive funds from their clients. Waiting to pay your employees is one of the biggest staffing agencies mistakes that prevent growth because top recruiters won’t work for you if you aren’t paying them.

Staffing payroll funding can help to bridge this capital gap. Besides establishing funding, you should set up a payroll system. This ensures employees are paid on a regular basis, and will calculate overtime, vacation, and holiday pay.

Don’t let these challenges and staffing agencies mistakes stop you from growing your business and ensuring greater success. If you need assistance ensuring working capital for payroll or other staffing agency expenses, give us a call today.

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Why It Is Time For Staffing Companies to Expand

In today’s economy, it is very beneficial to be an owner of a staffing company. Temporary and contract workers are in high demand throughout all sectors of the workforce, and everybody involved in the industry is happy—the employees themselves, those who contract the workers, and of course, the owners of staffing companies! Here are four reasons why the industry is thriving and gaining popularity, and why you should consider expansion.

Employees Want to Work for Staffing Industry to Find Full Time Positions.

For employees of staffing firms, a chance to be a temporary worker is generally great for their future. An American Staffing Association (ASA) study show that when temporary workers are on assignment, 76% get full time hours, and 35% of companies offer workers permanent, full-time positions at their organization after their contract has expired. Additionally, ninety percent of staffing industry workers say that their experience as a contract worker made them more employable in the long run. In brief, it benefits laborers to spend time in a staffing company.

The Industry is Big, and Growing

American staffing companies employ over 14 million workers each year, according to the ASA, making the industry a significant contributor to the national economy. And owners of staffing companies should be very happy as 2015 ends and 2016 begins. The Staffing Industry Analysts project that the temporary staffing industry is set to grow 6% this year, and another 5% next year.

Owners, now is the time to look to expand your business.

Every Industry Needs Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing holds a unique, multifaceted niche in today’s economy. Staffing companies can cater and provide their services to virtually every type of organization, from industrial manufacturers to healthcare providers. Here is how temporary workers are dispersed throughout the current workforce, according to the ASA:
• 37% work in the Industrial sector
• 28% hold positions in Office-Clerical and Administrative work
• 13% do Professional-Managerial work
• 13% are Engineers, IT Specialists, and Scientific researchers
• 9% work for Health Care Providers

In short, the staffing industry is thriving right now, and, as said earlier, it is on the rise. Now is the time to increase the size your staffing company. However, expanding staffing companies can be very difficult financially. Don’t let the challenges of expansion discourage you from reaching your long-term goals. With payroll funding, your staffing company can get access to a secure, steady cash flow that will help your company immediately and allow you to pay your employess. Factor Finders are experts at helping small and emerging staffing companies grow and reach success.

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Top 8 Qualities Your Staffing Agency Should Look for in Candidates

Are you interested in learning the secrets to keeping your best employees while bringing on awesome new ones? Hiring and retaining qualified employees can be tough for staffing agencies. While you may easily find candidates with the technical skills required for the job, discovering a contender who is loyal, goal-oriented and outgoing may be more challenging. Although there is no easy formula to finding the perfect employee, looking for candidates who possess these traits will put your staffing agency on the road to success.

Tips for Staffing Agencies When Recruiting


Effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills are valuable and necessary in the work place. While employees can be trained to improve their communication skills, staffing agencies should hire candidates that already excel in this area.

Goal Oriented

Goal setting should not only be for current employees but for potential candidates as well. It’s necessary to talk about the applicant’s future within the role before you hire them. During the interview, ask about their short and long-term goals and inform them about the objectives of the position. Hiring ambitious individuals can be challenging but is beneficial for improving the quality of hire.


Dependability is an important quality for an employee to possess because it means you can not only trust them to show up to work consistently and on-time, but you can also count on them for the quality and amount of work they complete. Dependability helps employees avoid company-wide layoffs because often times, an employer will choose dependable employees over unreliable ones during times of uncertainty.


Flexibility is a timeless skill occupied by successful employees. Companies are constantly changing and evolving their processes to make them better and more effective. Hiring and retaining employees who adapt well to changes will ultimately allow these developmental shifts to be completed much faster and more efficiently.


When hiring, staffing agencies must analyze the personalities of the candidates they are seeking. Personality is one of the many drivers of behavior, and it is consistent over time. Although you may only be interviewing someone for 1 hour, their personality will likely not change once you hire them.

Leadership ability

A candidate’s leadership ability stems from how adequate their communication skills are. Staffing agencies should keep in mind that successful leaders are effective communicators. Sufficient written and verbal communication skills help leaders convey their messages and expectations in a way others can easily understand.

Team Worker

There are very few, jobs that don’t require team work. When hiring new employees, staffing agencies should ensure the candidates are productive when working on a team. Most employees enjoy working with others but it’s certainly something to ask when interviewing.


Staffing agencies should bring in creative employees who use new solutions to solve reoccurring problems. Creative people find new opportunities to help the organization grow and evolve. Innovative employees ask questions about an organization’s processes and procedures before customers may think of them. Visionary employees are vital to a business’s success.

Hiring candidates who possess these traits will help your staffing agency retain employees. Taking time to thoroughly interview and assess applicants will better ensure you hire the right person. While there is no guarantee that an employee will stay with your agency forever, these personality characteristics makeup successful and hard-working individuals.

A Guide for Staffing Company Owners to Compete with the Gig Economy

What is the On-Demand Economy?

The rise of Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Grubhub and similar companies is no mere fad—the so-called “on-demand economy” has made a lasting impact in several industries, and all signs indicate that it is here to stay.

But what is the on-demand economy, exactly? It is quite the buzzword in contemporary business news headlines. Known also as the “gig economy,” Business Insider defines it as “the economic activity created by technology companies that fulfill consumer demand via the immediate provisioning of goods and services.” The gig economy, essentially, was brought on by all of the jobs that people acquire and carry-out through a smart-phone app, like Uber, Lyft and the like. Workers in the on-demand economy do not have an office space, are not formally employed on a full-time basis and do not get the benefits (health insurance, etc.) that traditional employment opportunities offer. However, on-demand jobs are flexible and are easily acquired, so Americans are flocking to them.

Accordingly, staffing company owners need to be aware of the growing prevalence of the on-demand economy. Here is a staffing company’s guide to surviving the gig economy.

Staffing Company Owners and the On-Demand Economy

Which Industries are Adopting the Gig Economy?

Statistics indicate that over one-third of U.S. workers undertake some sort of on-demand or free-lance work. Technology companies that have free-lance work/services apps have completely overtaken a couple industries within the economy. Check out the economic sectors most affected by on-demand apps:

Ground Transportation and Taxi—obviously, Uber has almost completely taken over the ground transportation/taxi cab industry, with over 160,000 registered drivers and 1 million rides ordered per day. But Lyft, BlaBlaCar and other transportation apps are challenging the traditional taxi cab companies as well, all but throwing them into obsolescence. In the not-so-distant future, expect for the taxi to fall into extinction altogether. The gig economy owns ground transportation.

Food and Delivery—the on-demand economy has also given the pizza guy a run for his money—more and more, there are engineers and startups making food delivery apps, like Grubhub and Uber Eats. Now, you can get an app that brings you whatever type of food you like, on demand.

Concierge, Odd Jobs and Errand Running—there has been a recent push for tech companies to make on-demand apps for, well… anything. TaskRabbit is probably the best known “chores app” in the gig economy. Need your lawn mowed? Need groceries? There are on-demand apps for that.

While the on-demand economy is finding a foothold in a number of other industries, as well, its affects are felt most strongly in the ground transportation, food and delivery and concierge industries. In span of just six years, tech companies in the gig economy have completely transformed traditionally static industries and have made a sizeable impression on the overall economy. That said, what impact has the on-demand economy had on the staffing industry?

The Gig Economy and the Staffing Industry

The on-demand economy has found its way into one part of the staffing industry already—short-term contingent and freelance work.

Companies like Shiftgig have created smart phone apps that connect on-demand talent with companies that need short-term work. Shiftgig can provide staffing services for companies/clients that need bartenders, cooks, porters, housekeepers, retailers, call center professionals and more—they have a diverse clientele and talent pool that has the potential to really interrupt the business for short-term staffing agencies in several cities.

“Staffing apps” are still in their nascent stages, but they pose a real threat to staffing companies that provide short-term and freelance work in a wide array of industries. So what can a staffing company owner do to make sure that he/she can keep up with the competition from the gig economy?

Strategies for Staffing Company Owners to Combat the On-Demand Economy

Tech companies are thriving in the on-demand economy because they are easy to use and easy to access. Just about everybody has a smartphone in 2017, and apps are thereby an incredibly efficient medium for both acquiring talent and filling staffing assignments.

So, a prudent staffing company owner will look to fight high-tech with high-tech— stay up to date on all of the latest software. Tech companies that are spurring the on-demand economy are very savvy with HR technology. Your staffing company needs to be, as well. Identify the best cloud-based HR software and incorporate that into your central business model. It is okay to outsource to technology providers—trying to create a functional program in-house is impractical.

Moreover, make sure that your company has gone mobile. Create an app that potential clients can download if you have several niche roles in your industry. Smartphone staffing apps are appealing because they have a user-friendly interface and are typically more aesthetically pleasing than a clunky desktop website. At the very least, if you do not want to take the leap towards app-development, make sure that your website is up to date on its mobile compatibility. It is essential for recruiting talent and clients.

Small staffing company owners will have to make sure that they ride the way of HR technology innovation and keep their home websites compatible with mobile devices if they are to survive the rise of the gig economy. But a high tech approach may not be enough to grow your staffing company—you also need a stable cash flow. Are you having financial problems? If so, talk to Factor Finders about the payroll funding process. We can help eliminate your financial problems so that your company can expand and take on the gig economy.

Motivated Employees

8 Tips for Small Businesses to Boost Employee Morale

Are your employees losing focus as the first weeks of 2017 pass by? Keeping employees happy and motivated is key to your business’s success. It is important for small businesses to have loyal and engaged employees to ensure productivity. When employees feel unmotivated and undervalued the business suffers. There are many new and emerging tactics employers across the United States are using to motivate their employees to come to work every day. After the holidays, it can be hard for employees to gain motivation to work hard. With the help of some strategic planning in 2017, you can boost employee morale around your office and increase efficiency for a successful year.

Learn new ways for your small business to boost employee motivation during 2017 with these 8 tips:

  1. Break your traditional office routine

When employees are in a rut, switching up the schedule can energize and boost employee morale. Give employees the choice to work flexible hours or start a little later on Mondays to help them stay focused on their work and leave any personal situations at home. Working flex hours can allow employees to be more engaged in their work and be more dedicated to the organization as a whole. If employees are given the option to work flexible hours they won’t stress over picking up their kids or having a doctor’s appointment because they have the opportunity to manage their hours and organize their workload accordingly. Flex hours will provide a great work life balance for employees which can lead to a stress-free workplace.

  1. Allow employees time off to give back

Volunteering within the local community is great for boosting employee motivation. Give your employees a few days off per year to help a nearby community in need. A day out of the office giving back is a great way for employees to socialize and relax while working toward a common goal. Volunteering can help employees to feel accomplished and satisfied with themselves. Employees who feel good about themselves radiate happiness which will make the workweek much more tolerable for other employees and employers alike. For example, employees can volunteer at a local food bank, do yard work for the elderly, tutor children at a local school and the list goes on. There are many ways employees can give back to the community. In addition to giving employees time off for volunteering you could organize a list of events and inform them of volunteer opportunities within the community.

  1. Offer a work from home option

Working from home 1-2 days per week can satisfy employees who don’t feel they have a good work life balance. Giving employees the freedom to complete work at home can keep them more focused when they do come into the office. Working from home can be a more stress free environment for some employees. Those who have a long commute are able to avoid the traffic and save gas, those who are distracted easily may have a quieter environment and for some, home is a more productive and comfortable space. Working from home isn’t for everyone, some may feel more productive at work rather than home which is why employees should be given this as an option, not a requirement.

  1. Invest in your employees

Allow your employees to further their education through professional development programs. Giving employees the resources to learn new things will let them know their employer wants them to be the best version of themselves. When employees feel appreciated, they tend to be more satisfied in their current role. Businesses can offer college tuition programs, traveling to professional conferences or simply a few new training sessions at the office for employees to participate in. However you choose to invest in your employees, we can ensure they will feel appreciated and that appreciation will positively impact their work.

  1. Thank employees

Another way to make employees feel appreciated is to thank them regularly. From an employee’s perspective, being thanked and feeling valued is important for their motivation and self-worth. They want to know that what they’re doing matters and is respected by their organization. Thanking employees by taking them to lunch once a month or by just having a sit-down with them telling them they are appreciated will be satisfying. Employees who are emotionally satisfied in the workplace will produce better quality work.

  1. Have weekly team meetings

Your team will most certainly feel engaged if included in weekly meetings. Team meetings should serve as updates on current company events, what projects everyone is currently working on, future projects and anything else necessary. If one employee is overloaded with work and another has a light workload, they may help each other out.  These meetings will provide employees with a platform to communicate and organize their workloads with each other. Team meetings can also build relationships between employees and their supervisors by engaging in frequent conversation. Team meetings can be used to express company wide goals to motivate employees as well.

  1. Ask for and give feedback

Managers must give constructive feedback to their employees and employees must provide their employers with feedback as well. Communication is crucial to a business’s success. A business can be looked at like a relationship between two people, most fail without frequent communication. Managers should provide employees with feedback on performance at least once per year if not more. If an employee is doing something wrong, the best action is to let them know so they can work on solving the problem. If an employee is confident in the work they are doing they will be motivated to continue. If employees are not doing their best job on a project, their supervisors should communicate that to them. While wrongdoing is negative, employees want feedback so they are not viewed in a negative way by their supervisor and colleagues. Managers should also be open to constructive feedback from their employees. Communication is a two-way street and employers should welcome suggestions on how to improve their processes. If a certain employee is uncomfortable with a way their boss is performing a task or managing, they should feel confident to suggest a new way or process, as long as the problem is solved in a reasonable way. Businesses should encourage two-way communication to boost employee morale throughout the workplace.

  1. Encourage use of vacation days

Offering employees ample time off for traveling can increase productivity when they are in office. But it’s not enough to offer employees vacation days, you must encourage them to use the days as well. Some workers are afraid of using vacation days in case they fall behind on their work and some like to save their vacation days for use all at one time. It’s important for productivity that employees use their vacation days in a timely matter to stay refreshed and energized while at the office. If employees don’t want to go away for a long period of time employers can offer programs where vacation time can be split up. Studies suggest that time away from the workplace will increase your overall health and wellness and can lead to increased productivity at the workplace. Different companies came up with different vacation protocols. They range from the whole company closing during the summer to unlimited time off for employees. Whatever you choose, be sure it fits with your company’s goals and objectives and communicates to all employees that vacation is a good thing for individuals and the business as a whole.

There are many things that can be done in terms of motivating employees during 2017 for small businesses. Depending on what is hurting your employee morale, there are many tactics you can use to solve the problems. Luckily for small businesses, it is often easier to adopt new practices because of the smaller nature of the company. Large companies often have difficulties implementing new processes due to their large number of employees. If your small business needs some extra capital to use for boosting employee motivation and overall morale, we can get your business funds to accommodate staffing needs for 2017.  We hope you’ve found these tips helpful for boosting productivity in 2017!

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Temporary Staffing Agencies Encouraged to Check Contracts after OSHA Changes

As a staffing agency, it is important to have the proper safety training program set up for the candidates that come in. Does your staffing agency have a safety training set up before they start at their new job? Regardless of if they permanent or temporary staffing employees, they all need the proper training before taking on the job.

OSHA has recently released new guidelines that address temporary workers in regards to workplace safety. The new guidelines not only effect the temporary employers, but the staffing agencies that employed them as well. OSHA made some changes to the guidelines that can now hold staffing companies responsible if they violate anything in the OSH Act.

It is important that staffing companies are up to date on these changes so that there are no threats to their business. Things such as a lack of training can be seen as neglect on the staffing company’s part and result in a violation. OSHA is encouraging staffing agencies and employers to work together to ensure that all employees are properly trained on safety rules regardless of if they are a temporary employee or not.

According to Program Business, OSHA is stressing these points:

  • Staffing agencies have a duty to inquire into the conditions of their workers’ assigned workplaces and must ensure they are sending workers to a safe workplace.
  • Ignorance of hazards at a workplace is not a defense for the staffing agency.
  • The staffing agency must determine what conditions exist at their client’s facility, what hazards the temporary employee may encounter and how best to ensure protection for the temporary employees.
  • The staffing agency has the duty to inquire and verify that the host employer has fulfilled its responsibilities for a safe workplace.
  • The host employer has a duty to provide training and safety and health protections to temporary employees which are identical to those provided to their permanent employees.

Temporary staffing agencies should definitely take this time to look into their employee safety practices in light of the OSHA changes. It is encouraged that staffing companies look into their agreements with their clients and make sure that joint liability for safety training is made clear. Generally, these agreements are already in place. Staffing agencies give a general run over of safety parameters, while the employer will deep dive into the safety that applies specifically to the job they will be doing.

The New Year is the perfect time to make any needed changes to your agreements and make sure that the candidates that come through your firm are properly trained. Hiring a safety training specialist might even be the perfect solution to ensure that training is done properly. If your staffing company needs extra working capital for your new training projects in the New Year, we can help. We have relationships with factoring companies that specialize in funding staffing agencies just like you. Payroll funding as well as back office support are just some of the things you can get with a staffing factoring company.

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5 Staffing Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are underway and there is no stopping the rush until January. Where does your business stand with staffing? With all the hustle and bustle, it is easy to lose sight of how much a good sized staff can make things easier. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure your business is ready to take on the holiday season.

  1. Have a Referral Program

During the holiday season, it is popular for businesses to start a referral program where they can give friends and family to come work with them for the holiday season. It is usually a span from Black Friday to the beginning of January. This usually works out well for high school and college students who have to go back to school after their break. This also motivates your team as they will be working with people they get along and enjoy working with.

  1. Post Online Deals

If your business does not have the funds to afford for employees to cover the busy season, make deals available on your website online. This way, customers will be more inclined to order what they need right from your site vs. coming to the store. This will lighten the burden of needed staff. A great way to do this would be provide free shipping on orders. This way your customers get a deal and you can still make sales.

  1. Create an Online Staffing Schedule

The best way to ensure that your employees never miss a shift or get mixed up is to create an online schedule that everyone can access. This way, there will be no confusion as to which day and time someone works. In addition, there will be no excuses for your employees if they do not show up for their shift, as they could have double checked their time on the calendar.

  1. Hire Back the Seasonal Workers

If you have those college students who are really great at customer service, reach out to them first! They will appreciate the offer, as it is not always easy to get a job just for 1 month. This way you know exactly what you will be getting with your holiday staff as you have worked with them before and know their potential.

  1. Offer an Incentive

Everyone works better when there is something to work towards. With that being said, making a incentive for the end of the season will keep all of your temporary employees working hard. For example, X amount of sales or X dollar amount for holidays sales can lead to a pizza party, ice cream social, extra day off work, anything you want it to be!

If your business needs some extra working capital to work with this season, look no further. We can get your business the funds it needs to accommodate staffing needs for the busy holiday season. Invoice factoring offers small businesses the funds it needs to cover costs such as payroll, maintenance, supplies, and more. Give us a call or fill out a form to get started.

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4 Reasons Why Temp Jobs Shouldn’t Get a Bad Rep

The job hunt is tough. It’s a task that not even the most skilled interviewee likes to tackle. But, in order to move head in life, we have to do it, right? When you are searching for jobs, don’t limit yourself. We know that the appeal of a full-time permanent job is strong, but temporary positions can lead to a lot more opportunities than you may be thinking. Temporary staffing agencies are sometimes followed with a stigma, and we are here to set the record straight about how many doors a temp firm can open for you.

  1. Going Through a Temp Agency is Easy

Create a resume and cover letter and the rest is pretty much done for you. You tell the staffing agency what type of industry you are looking to go into and they do the work. They match you with a company that fits your interests. Working with an agency is a great addition to your job search efforts. You can continue to search on your own while your recruiter sets you up with interviews.

I know what you are thinking. “I don’t want a full time job.” We know. Keep reading!

  1. Temp Jobs Give you Time to Find Something Better

A temp job allows you to take a position for a few months. All the while, you can keep searching for your dream job. You have bills to pay right? You can’t wish those away. A temp job allows you to keep up on your finances all the while you can still keep your eyes open for that perfect opportunity.

  1. Temping is Perfect for the Undecided

Are you unsure of what career path you want to take in life? Temping is the perfect solution! You get the opportunity to test out several different positions in different industries until you find your perfect fit. Many graduates leave school still wondering where their interests really lie. Take this time to explore your options and be true to yourself.

  1. Temping Can Lead to a Permanent Position

Never thought about this situation, did you? Yes, that’s right. If company circumstances change and say, an employee on maternity leave decides not to come back, that permanent spot could be yours! Or even better, they love you so much that they want to hire you full time. How awesome would that be? All you have to do is put in the effort and show them you appreciate the job.

Make the Leap into Temp Jobs

It’s understandable if temping was not your ideal position after college, but many people use the help of temping to get on their feet, start their career, or fill in gaps. A temp job is better than no job, right? For the amount of people who end up temping, there is an equal number of people who are unhappy in their permanent “dream job” positions.

Now, jump on Google and start searching for your nearest temp agency!

Attn: Staffing Companies

Running a staffing company can be tough, especially when it comes to keeping up with payroll. We can help with that. We can get your staffing company set up with a funding partner to provide advanced payments on your open invoices to cover payroll. We can also get your set up with a funder that can offers payroll services and back office support

The Hidden Benefits of Working for a Staffing Agency

People instinctively take comfort in security, predictability and constancy—this is especially true when it comes to one’s career and employment. Many studies affirm that job security is one of (if not the most) important facets of any employment position for the employee. Knowing what will come next is a visceral comfort to almost all of us.

Accordingly, by virtue of the inevitably ephemeral nature of all temporary staffing positions, it would seem as if the staffing industry would have to find a manner of reconciling the lack of job security for its 16 million workers that, as the studies suggest, inherently crave consistency.

That assumption may be unwarranted, however. It turns out that, rather frequently, working for a staffing agency may actually be an excellent venue for finding a full-time, permanent employment position.

Advantages of Employment Agencies

Yes, the benefits of working for a staffing agency are very much a two way street—clearly, for the staffing agency/employer, the temporary help is pivotal for business operations that have a very niche, specific need. But, unintuitive as it may seem, finding work with a staffing firm is actually a wonderful method of finding a full-time, long-lasting position in one’s field. According to the American Staffing Association (ASA), 35% of employees that work in temporary positions arranged by a staffing firm were offered full-time positions at the end of their assignments, and 66% of the time, the employees accepted the offer.

The benefits are staffing are thereby bilateral—businesses get the labor that they need, and employees frequently find full-time work at the end of their assignments. But the benefits for the worker do not end there—other benefits of working for a staffing agency include:

  • Diversification—staffing agencies can offer employees a wide-range of placements within their fields that the worker would not have otherwise considered. Working these positions will help an employee accrue a myriad of applicable, pragmatic skills that they may have never elsewise obtained.
  • Flexibility—of course, if job security and predictability aren’t on one’s agenda for the moment, staffing firms are even more ideal. One of the benefits of working with a staffing firm is that one can conceivably have a new job every few months, which is perfect for a restless worker!
  • Networking—in all fields, it is absolutely about “who you know.” While working for a staffing agency, a worker will absolutely make a litany of useful connections that may help them later on (or immediately) throughout the course of their careers.

There are many benefits that come with working for a temporary staffing agency. The benefits of staffing agencies can absolutely help any worker on their career path. But sometimes, staffing agencies themselves need some help making sure that they can thrive in the market. Is your staffing agency struggling to stay on top of its finances? If so, do not disparage—Factor Finders specializes in making sure that staffing companies can find a debt-free solution to their financial problems, such as payroll funding.