Payroll Factoring for Hospitality Staffing Companies

If your hospitality staffing company is suffering from slow cash flow, forcing you to allocate resources on meeting payroll that you could be using to move your company forward, invoice factoring for hospitality staffing agencies is the solution for you!

Hospitality Staffing Factoring Boosts Your Cash Flow for Easy Growth

Factor Finders understands that slow cash flow can stifle a hospitality staffing agency’s plans for forward growth. Our goal is to connect you with the best payroll funding for your business’s unique needs, so you can get the funding you need to thrive.

Stop waiting on slow invoice payments, and choose invoice factoring for your hospitality staffing company!

Funding Payroll is Effortless with Factor Finders

Payroll funding for hospitality staffing companies is the best solution to slow cash flow. Funding through factoring companies for staffing is significantly simpler than trying to obtain a bank-loan.


Compare payroll funding to a bank-loan—which would you choose?

Hospitality Staffing Factoring Bank-Loan
No complicated paperwork Difficult and time-consuming application
No risk Creates debt
All hospitality staffing companies can get payroll funding (bad credit is OK) You can get turned down based on size, credit, or experience
Invoice factoring will always work for you You can get turned down during a period of rapid growth
Personalized and flexible plans Lots of red tape gives little room for flexibility
Once approved, you can get cash immediately whenever you need it You need to re-apply every time you need funding
First-time accounts are processed in days Approval can take a long time

Instant Payroll Funding for Hospitality Staffing Companies

Payroll funding is the best way for hospitality staffing companies to get the working capital they need. The process is easy:

  1. Factor Finders connects you with the best hospitality staffing factor for your company’s funding needs
  2. Sell your outstanding invoices to the factor
  3. Receive up to 90% of the cash immediately
  4. The factor collects payment directly from your customers, subtracts a small fee, and returns the remaining percent to your company
  5. Repeat as necessary

Benefits of Invoice Factoring for Hospitality Staffing Agencies

  • Bad credit OK
  • No hidden fees
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Best rates in the industry: 0.69% to 1.59% for 30 days
  • No minimums or maximums
  • Risk-free
  • Up to 90% immediate cash
  • First-time accounts funded in days
  • Personalized service

Invoice factoring for hospitality staffing agencies is easy and fast! Additionally, Factor Finders understands that your time is money. We will save you the time of sorting through the hundreds of available factoring companies to find the best one for your business!

Payroll funding works for all specialties of hospitality staffing, including:

  • Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel operations
  • Maintenance staff
  • Janitorial
  • Business dining facilities
  • Special events facilities
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Housekeeping
  • And many more!

Let Hospitality Staffing Factoring Fast Track Your Business Success!

If you’re ready to stop waiting on slow invoice payments and increase your cash flow for definite growth, contact Factor Finders today!

What could your staffing agency do with payroll funding cash?

  • Manage stints of rapid growth
  • Invest in new supplies
  • Pay for employee training
  • Expand recruiting efforts
  • Cover costs of advertising
  • Expand marketing efforts
  • Improve financial health without creating debt
  • Cover payroll
  • Cover basic expenses
  • Use the cash to meet your company’s specific goals and move forward

Factor Finders’ top staffing factoring experts are ready to help your company achieve its potential. Call 1-855-EZ-Factor or apply online now, and prepare to let invoice factoring raise your staffing agency to the next level.

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