Need Cash for Payroll? Staffing Factoring is the Solution!

A lack of funds for a staffing agency can prove to be a stressful time to be in business. Waiting months on outstanding invoices to get paid is not ideal for a staffing company that is trying to establish itself in a large industry. Staffing factoring companies can help your business grow by giving you the funds you need to take on more clients. The factored money can be used on anything from payroll, to rent expenses, the choice is up to you.

How do I go about finding a staffing factoring company? Leave that up to Factor Finders. With our extensive knowledge of the industry, our highly-trained experts, and abundant experience, we takes pride in partnering your staffing agency with the ideal invoice factoring company for staffing.

Contact Factor Finders now, and we’ll connect you with the perfect staffing factoring company to solve your cash flow problems today, with no cost to you. Looking for the lowest fees and highest advances? Put our network to work for you and let Factor Finders find your staffing agency the best deal.

How Does Payroll Factoring Work?

Once approved by a staffing factoring company, submit your outstanding invoices to them in return for an immediate cash advance of up to 90% within 24 hours. The staffing factoring company will then collect the payments directly from the customers, subtract a small fee, and return the difference back to your staffing agency.

Use factoring for your staffing company to boost your company’s payroll. Factor Finders is available to help you every step of the way, making the payroll factoring process as easy and effortless as possible! Our goal is to help you move your company and your vision forward.

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Payroll Factoring Benefits Staffing Companies of All Sizes

Any staffing company of any size in any industry can greatly benefit from payroll factoring. Factor Finders connects you with factoring for your staffing payroll no matter what your company’s profile. Whether you’re staffing 10 or 10,000 employees, factoring payroll will provide the quick funding you need to cover payroll on time, every time. Approval is easy, even if you’re seeking funding for a new staffing startup.

Staffing Factoring Solutions for all Specialties:

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