HR Staffing Factoring is the Cash Flow Solution to Strengthen Your Business

If poor cash flow due to long invoice payout terms is depriving your HR temp staffing agency of the time and resources you need to move forward and meet your company’s goals, HR temp staffing factoring is the best, easiest, and fastest solution.

Giving you the instant working capital you need to get back on track, invoice factoring for HR temp staffing agencies is the next step in your staffing company’s success.

Factor Finders’ industry experts will work with your HR staffing company to find you the best among all factoring companies for staffing. Our goal is for your HR temp staffing company to thrive.

How Does Invoice Factoring for HR Temp Staffing Agencies Work?

There’s nothing more easy and adaptable to the needs and best interests of your company than human resources staffing factoring. Anyone can be approved by Factor Finders for invoice factoring. Once you’re approved, Factor Finders’ skilled reviewers will find you the HR temp staffing factor that best fits your company’s unique needs and style. At that point, the payroll funding process looks like this:

  1. Sell your outstanding invoices to the HR temp staffing factoring company
  2. Receive up to 90% cash back immediately
  3. The factor collects payments directly from your customers, subtracts a minimal fee, and returns the remainder back to you
  4. Repeat as needed

Payroll Funding for HR Temp Staffing Companies Makes Boosting Cash Flow Easy!

Payroll funding for HR temp staffing companies is the smart funding option. Instead of applying for a bank-loan, which involves filling out lengthy application packets, submitting collateral, and creating debt, invoice factoring’s application is as simple as they come, and risk-free.

Why risk getting turned down by a bank based on size, credit, or experience, when nearly all HR staffing companies are eligible for invoice factoring? Factoring companies base approval through customers’ history and not through yours. Additionally, funding payroll allows you to receive cash as frequently or irregularly as you want, without having to complete additional applications.

Benefits of Human Resources Staffing Factoring

  • The best rates in the staffing funding industry: 0.69% to 1.59% for 30 days
  • Up to 90% cash back instantly
  • First time accounts processed and funded in days
  • Risk-free
  • No binding contracts
  • No hidden fees
  • Bad credit is OK

Staffing factoring companies serve all specialties of human resources, including:

  • Training and Development
  • Workforce Planning and Employment
  • HRIS Analysts
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Total Rewards
  • Risk Management

Let Factor Finders Connect You with the Best HR Staffing Funding Company Today!

Call 1-855-EZ-Factor or apply online now to see for yourself how HR staffing factoring can help your temp recruiting business! Factor Finders’ trained invoice factoring personnel are ready to assist your company’s path to progress.

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