Invoice Factoring for Professional Staffing Agencies

Professional staffing agencies provide specialists to fill a number of important positions in companies that are looking for their next successful administrator. However, the operating costs associated with recruiting and placing these talented professionals can quickly eat up an agency’s budget if their clients are slow to pay. With nearly half of all employers planning to hire temporary professionals, now is the time to find the right cash flow solution to help your company thrive.

What can Professional Staffing Factoring do for my company?

Factoring for professional staffing agencies converts your open receivables into cash you can use immediately, eliminating your wait time for payment as well as the need to take out a high-interest business loan. Staffing agencies can qualify for factoring without pledging collateral or a lengthy application process – no hassle, just improved cash flow. When you submit your open invoices for completed placements, you can receive up to 90 percent of the invoice amount within 24 hours!

Because there are no limits to how you can spend the money you receive from professional staffing factoring, you can put that money to work to best position your staffing agency for continued growth. Focus on the area of your business that needs it most:

  • Begin working with new clients
  • Expand your temporary talent pool
  • Hire a larger support staff
  • Pay down existing debt
  • Invest in development – new facilities, equipment, etc.
  • And more!

Achieve your goals with the benefits of a comprehensive professional staffing factoring program, including:

Money-saving opportunities

In addition to industry-low factoring fees, staffing factoring offers you the chance to negotiate early-pay discounts with your creditors with the confidence that you can pay. You may also take advantage of special discounts on ordering business supplies. Your staffing factoring company may provide a further discount on your factoring fees if you factor a certain invoice volume.

Administrative support

Don’t spend time worrying about the logistics of your factoring relationship when you could be bringing in new business! Professional staffing factoring gives you access to free background and credit checks, dedicated collections efforts on your behalf for accounts you are factoring, and online reporting available 24/7 for your review.

Credit building

Has slow business created a difficult financial situation in your staffing agency, or are you just starting up and lack the credit history to qualify for stricter financing programs? Whatever your company’s situation, invoice factoring for professional staffing agencies can help you clear out old debt and build your credit rating for future financing.

Professional Staffing Factoring – Work with the Best

Factor Finders has an extensive network of professional staffing factoring experts who are committed to helping your company achieve success. Our expertise in the unique needs of the temporary staffing industry means that we can connect you with the best possible company to meet your needs and strengths. Once we receive your application, we will connect you with an account manager and get you approved in as little as 3 to 5 business days!

Don’t wait to propel your staffing agency to success. Call 1-855-EZ-FACTOR or apply online today!

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