Manufacturing Staffing Factoring Eliminates the Cash Flow Crunch

If slow cash flow is making your manufacturing staffing company suffer, forcing you to allocate your company’s valuable time and resources to a struggle to meet payroll and cover basic costs, then manufacturing staffing factoring is the definitive next step in your business’s success.

Factor Finders knows how poor cash flow can hold up your temp staffing company’s goals. Our goal is to provide you with easy, immediate, and risk-free funding so your manufacturing staffing agency can reach its fullest potential.

Why continue to wait on slow invoice payments that hold your manufacturing staffing company back? Funding payroll has never been easier with invoice factoring, and will let your manufacturing staffing agency grow like never before.

Easy and Instant Payroll Funding with Factor Finders

Applying for factoring is as simple as sending an email. Our highly-trained and experienced experts will review your application and connect your manufacturing staffing agency with the best staffing factoring company for your business’s unique needs and goals.

Invoice factoring for manufacturing staffing agencies is vastly better than applying for a bank-loan. See for yourself:

Manufacturing Staffing Factoring Bank-Loan
You can factor your invoices regardless of how well your business is doing It’s possible to get turned during a stint of rapid growth
It takes just a few days for first-time accounts to be processed Long waiting time to be approved
Easy and fast application A laborious and time-wasting application
Risk-free Forces you to take on debt
Plans are developed to suit your business’s unique goals and needs Not much room for flexibility or personalization
Payroll funding is for all manufacturing staffing companies (bad credit is OK) Size, credit, and experience are all factors that can cause you to get turned down
Once approved, you have access to instant cash whenever the need should arise Re-application is required every time you need additional funding

What is Manufacturing Staffing Factoring?

Payroll funding allows your manufacturing staffing agency the freedom to stop worrying about simple financial obligations and focus instead on growing as much as possible.

The temp staffing funding process is easy!

  1. Factor Finders connects you with the perfect factoring companies for manufacturing staffing.
  2. Sell your invoices to the factoring company, receive up to 90% cash immediately.
  3. The factor collects payment directly from your clients, subtracts a tiny fee, and returns the remainder to you.
  4. Repeat as needed.

Invoice Factoring Benefits Manufacturing Staffing Agencies!

All specialties of manufacturing staffing can take advantage of the many great benefits of payroll funding:

  • Mechanical
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Production Supervisor
  • Welding
  • Warehouse
  • Inspector
  • Machine Operator
  • Electrician
  • And many more!

Through easy access to an accelerated cash flow, payroll funding can offer many advantages for your manufacturing staffing company. These advantages include:

  • The best rates in the staffing funding industry: 0.69% to 1.59% for 30 days
  • Bad credit is OK
  • Risk-free
  • No binding contracts
  • Flexible service
  • First time accounts processed and funded in days
  • No hidden fees
  • Up to 90% cash back instantly

Contact Factor Finders Now and Watch Your Manufacturing Staffing Business Flourish!

Factor Finders’ top staffing factoring personnel are standing by to help your manufacturing staffing agency. Call 1-855-EZ-Factor or apply online now. Manufacturing invoice factoring will take your staffing company to the next level today!

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