The Hidden Benefits of Working for a Staffing Agency

People instinctively take comfort in security, predictability and constancy—this is especially true when it comes to one’s career and employment. Many studies affirm that job security is one of (if not the most) important facets of any employment position for the employee. Knowing what will come next is a visceral comfort to almost all of us.

Accordingly, by virtue of the inevitably ephemeral nature of all temporary staffing positions, it would seem as if the staffing industry would have to find a manner of reconciling the lack of job security for its 16 million workers that, as the studies suggest, inherently crave consistency.

That assumption may be unwarranted, however. It turns out that, rather frequently, working for a staffing agency may actually be an excellent venue for finding a full-time, permanent employment position.

Advantages of Employment Agencies

Yes, the benefits of working for a staffing agency are very much a two way street—clearly, for the staffing agency/employer, the temporary help is pivotal for business operations that have a very niche, specific need. But, unintuitive as it may seem, finding work with a staffing firm is actually a wonderful method of finding a full-time, long-lasting position in one’s field. According to the American Staffing Association (ASA), 35% of employees that work in temporary positions arranged by a staffing firm were offered full-time positions at the end of their assignments, and 66% of the time, the employees accepted the offer.

The benefits are staffing are thereby bilateral—businesses get the labor that they need, and employees frequently find full-time work at the end of their assignments. But the benefits for the worker do not end there—other benefits of working for a staffing agency include:

  • Diversification—staffing agencies can offer employees a wide-range of placements within their fields that the worker would not have otherwise considered. Working these positions will help an employee accrue a myriad of applicable, pragmatic skills that they may have never elsewise obtained.
  • Flexibility—of course, if job security and predictability aren’t on one’s agenda for the moment, staffing firms are even more ideal. One of the benefits of working with a staffing firm is that one can conceivably have a new job every few months, which is perfect for a restless worker!
  • Networking—in all fields, it is absolutely about “who you know.” While working for a staffing agency, a worker will absolutely make a litany of useful connections that may help them later on (or immediately) throughout the course of their careers.

There are many benefits that come with working for a temporary staffing agency. The benefits of staffing agencies can absolutely help any worker on their career path. But sometimes, staffing agencies themselves need some help making sure that they can thrive in the market. Is your staffing agency struggling to stay on top of its finances? If so, do not disparage—Factor Finders specializes in making sure that staffing companies can find a debt-free solution to their financial problems, such as payroll funding.