The 7 Hottest Healthcare Jobs

Looking to expand your temp staffing agency in the medical or healthcare industry? Learn which 7 jobs are the most poised for growth over the next ten years.

7.   Nurse Midwife / Nurse Practitioner / Nurse Anaesthetist

  • What they do: Administer anesthesia, help with birth, and look after patients.
  • Annual salary median: $96,460
  • Estimated job growth over next decade: 34%

6.   Audiologist

  • What they do: Use technology to diagnose and treat problems of hearing and balance.
  • Annual salary median: $69,720
  • Estimated job growth over next decade: 34%

5.   Physical Therapist

  • What they do: Help with pain management and rehabilitation for patients who have difficulty moving.
  • Annual salary median: $78,860
  • Estimated job growth over next decade: 36%

4.   Physician Assistant

  • What they do: Assist physicians with physical exams, diagnosis and treatment, prescription, lab work, and more.
  • Annual salary median: $90,930
  • Estimated job growth over next decade: 38%

3.   Cardiovascular Technologist / Diagnostic Medical Sonographer / Technician

  • What they do: Assist physicians with diagnosis and treatment of heart and blood conditions, and operate imaging technology for diagnostic purposes.
  • Annual salary median: $60,350
  • Estimated job growth over next decade: 39%

2.   Occupational Therapy Assistant and Aide

  • What they do: Assist occupational therapists help patients who have trouble with the manual skills necessary to go about daily life.
  • Annual salary median: $48,940
  • Estimated job growth over next decade: 41%

1.   Genetic Counselor

  • What they do: Counsel those intending to have a baby about negative genes they may possibly pass on.
  • Annual salary median: $56,800
  • Estimated job growth over next decade: 41%

With all the great prospects for these jobs, the demand for temp staffing companies will only increase as time goes on. Learn how your medical or healthcare temp staffing company can use invoice factoring with Factor Finders to improve cash flow to meet its goals and accelerate growth. Apply online or call 1-855-EZ-Factor now!

The 3 Biggest Marketing Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

As anyone who’s ever been inspired to click on a link or Google a product after seeing a commercial knows, marketing is an extremely important and effective aspect of a company’s success.

Just as it’s important to market well, it’s equally important not to market poorly. Read on to learn what the three biggest marketing mistakes are, and how you can avoid them, to make sure your business succeeds.

  1. Failed attempts to go viral
    o   Virality is a powerful weapon for marketing. With it, companies can reach an incredible number of people easily with a memorable message. However, it can also go wrong, if not attempted correctly.
    o   Example: Sony’s attempt to fake viral buzz around the PSP with
    – Aftermath: Deterioration of their public image after backlash.
    o   How to avoid it: If trying for viral marketing, don’t try to deceive your customers. They’ll find out, and trust your whole company less.
  1. Not understanding your audience
    o   Audience is the most important factor in marketing. Your business advertising means nothing without an audience. That’s why it’s so important to understand who you’re selling your message to, and how to market yourself so your audience will be the most receptive.
    o   Example: Gap’s two-day logo-change campaign to look more modern.
    – Aftermath: Loss of trust from loyal customers.
    o   How to avoid it: Make sure you understand who your primary audience is, especially before making any dramatic changes to your company’s image.
  1. Trying to over-extend
    o   There’s a saying in almost every language that goes along the lines of don’t spread yourself too thin. Every company has its limits when it comes to expanding into new areas.
    o   Example: Colgate’s attempt to produce packaged meals.
    – Aftermath: The dissonance of a toothpaste company selling food was enough to lower sales of the actual toothpaste.
    o   How to avoid it: Know what you do best and stick to it.

Learn from these three dangerous marketing mishaps to develop an effective small business marketing campaign. Make sure your time and money is well spent so your business ends up stronger for its marketing efforts, not worse.

Long-Distance Runner

Picture this: you’re a long-distance runner, trying to cross a finish line that’s held by two people who are running away from you as you speed towards it. The people holding the finish line aren’t running very fast, just barely jogging, but you keep stumbling over the roots and pebbles in your path. You’ll be five feet away from ripping through the finish line, only to trip and lose thirty more feet. Somehow the people holding the finish line ribbon never fall. This has been happening for some time now. Suddenly another person appears beside you on a Segway, keeping perfectly in line with you, stopping when you fall, matching her vehicle’s speed to your stride. She offers you a deal: she’ll get rid of any roots and stones in your way if you give up a small percentage of your maximum speed capacity. So instead of running at 100% and falling every dozen strides, you’ll run at 98% and never fall. She says there’s no commitment, and if you’re dissatisfied you can reverse the deal at any time, gain back the 2% you lost, and continue to stumble over obstacles.

This is invoice factoring for staffing.

The service is so good you’ll never want to leave. After you break through the first ribbon, you’ll find that your plans for your company’s success keep growing. Countless finish lines lie before you, retreating from you at a constant rate, each faster than the next. Success is simple: cross as many finish lines as you can until you can’t run anymore.

Factor Finders knows how cash flow woes can strike at any time, suffocating your staffing agency and turning financial molehills into mountainous obligations which suck up all your company’s time and resources. Our goal is to give your staffing agency the tools to combat such unwanted adverse conditions, with invoice factoring. We make funding easy for you so meeting payroll and covering basic costs doesn’t have to be like running a race and tripping over roots and stones. We want your staffing company to thrive.

10 Thought-Provoking Interview Questions to Ask Potential Employees

The interview can be one of the most important parts of the hiring process. Knowing this, many applicants will prepare responses to common questions. These 10 quirky interview questions will take your interview off-script and enable you to get to know your applicant’s personality and thought process more intimately, while still allowing you to measure their potential success as employees of your small business.

  1. Do you prefer board or card games, and why?
    This question can highlight whether applicants are more strategy-minded or prefer to play off of their people-reading skills. Additionally, this question can suggest whether they prefer to know all the variables of a situation or work with unknowns.
  2. What is your favorite geometrically shape, and why?
    The secret to questions like this is that they’re absolutely arbitrary, but what’s really important and revealing is how the applicant responds to the “why.” Even their willingness to answer such an unexpected question could tell something about them.
  3. What’s on your reading list?
    Answers to this question can tell you about your applicants’ tastes and reading habits. Note whether they name books all in one genre or in different genres, and whether the books are mostly pleasure or educational reading.
  4. Why is a straight line the shortest route between two points?
    The capacity for abstract thinking is an important quality in any applicant. Answers to this question can either be creative or to the point; what is more relevant is the elegance with which the answer is made, as this suggests the applicant’s ability to solve problems on the fly and order their thoughts.
  5. What’s the hardest question I could ask you, and why?
    A deceptively simple question, this can give you insight into what the applicant thinks are the most important qualities for you to know, based on what question they give you.
  6. Why do you think your favorite color is what it is?
    Again, the question is arbitrary; pay attention to what the applicant’s answer says about their personality and how they view themselves.
  7. What’s one mistake you would like to make again, and why?
    This question is an older brother of the classic “what is a mistake you learned from,” because it offers deeper nuance into how the applicant thinks of the nature of mistakes, and into their personality.
  8. Would you rather everything happened just once, or repeated itself endlessly? Why?
    When so many other questions deal with practical issues, which our good for estimating your applicant’s ability to deal with practical issues of the job, questions that deal with the metaphysical can also be useful. Depending on the type of job you’re offering, an applicant’s answer can suggest whether or not they would grow unhappy with the work.
  9. What’s something you would change about your best friend?
    As positive as applicants would like to seem during their interview, sometimes it’s important to force them to be critical. This question allows you to identify their capacity for thinking critically despite a positive bias.
  10. How would you instruct someone on how to draw spiral in with just words?
    Another question that allows applicants to showcase their capacity for creative thinking and problem solving, as well as resource management. The more elegant and minimal their answer, the better.

Sometimes the most educational moments are the surprising ones. Not only are these interview questions good because they force your applicant to think in creative and revealing ways, but also because just the way that they react to receiving them will tell you something about them.

Starting Your Staffing Company? 8 Hot Cities for Temp Staffing

Austin, TX

According to the most recent yearly survey by Thumbtack, Austin is the friendliest city in the country for small business, which consequently makes it very hot for any temp staffing company.

The top industries in Austin include manufacturing, energy, technology, and healthcare.

Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach is rated the city where launching a small business is easiest. Because tourism in Virginia Beach is always a thriving and in-demand industry with continually new costumers, this is a city where staffing companies would be valued and needed.

The top industries in Virginia Beach include tourism, agriculture, military, and retail/wholesale.

Houston, TX

With a great balance of low real estate prices, light regulations, and a large but friendly population, Houston makes itself a very welcoming place for businesses. Temp staffing companies will thrive here.

The top industries in Houston include manufacturing, energy, chemicals, and aerospace.

Colorado Springs, CO

Combining light regulations and zoning laws, a talented and highly educated local population, and sheer natural beauty, Colorado Springs marks itself as an incredible place for any temp staffing company.

The top industries in Colorado Springs include military, aerospace, technology, and tourism.

San Antonio, TX

Temp staffing companies can do well in San Antonio thanks to its great quality of life, light regulations, and low taxes, not to mention a great small-town atmosphere.

The top industries in San Antonio include services, manufacturing, and government.

Nashville, TN

For temp staffing companies looking to start, Nashville offers cheap prices, low taxes, and a strong sense of community rare to most cities, which translates to greater cooperation among businesses.

The top industries in Nashville include finance and insurance, healthcare, and entertainment.

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

As the fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States, Dallas boasts great opportunities for temp staffing companies with its low taxes, large population, and business-friendly atmosphere.

The top industries in Dallas-Fort Worth include technology, manufacturing, real estate, and tourism.

Raleigh-Durham, NC

Raleigh-Durham provides a great home for temp staffing companies because of its low costs, high quality of life, and ability to draw incredibly talented workers from the many top-notch colleges and universities in the area. Combine that with a creative, innovative, and business-friendly atmosphere, and Raleigh-Durham stands out as one of the hottest choices for temp staffing companies.

The top industries in Raleigh-Durham include government, education, healthcare, and technology.

(Read more from CNN)


Need a Catchy Name for Your Staffing Company? Check these out!

Names are important. They are the first thing anyone hears about your company. They market you to the world. They suggest associations. They present a first picture of who you are and what you stand for. Names are like songs; the catchy ones won’t be remembered. Coming up with a name for your staffing company can be hard. Here are 15 of the best staffing company names for inspiration:

A+ Nannies Inc.
Apollo Staffing
Bolder Staffing, Inc.
BrightStar Care
Creative Circle
Flex Med
Helpmates Staffing Services
Hire Dynamics
Magellan Search & Staffing
PsychPros, Inc.
Right at Home Inc.
Safe Bridge Solutions
That’s Good HR, Inc

As you can see, the best names have both personality and say something about the company. A really good name is bold. It announces itself to the world. It stands out from among the legions of names that follow the formula of “[Founder’s Name] + Staffing Services.”

Good Names Rely on Associations

BrightStar Care, a medical staffing company, succeeds as a name by conjuring the John Keats sonnet, which begins with “Bright star, would I were steadfast as thou art,” and describes a desire to be strong and resolute despite the speaker’s eventual mortality because of the love he feels—creative and fitting for a medical staffing company. The characteristics which this name suggests for this company include: sensitive, resolute, inspired, and caring.

Magellan Search & Staffing works as a name by associating itself with Ferdinand Magellan, the first person to circumnavigate the world by ship. Along the way, he braved unknown lands, months of hardship, and discovered many cultures, plants, and animals that were unfamiliar to the people of Europe. Magellan’s name is powerful, and has also been used to name galaxies, space probes, and a presidential train car. “Magellan Search & Staffing” suggests a global perspective, bravery to travel to uncharted territory, persistence, passion for discovery, and being on the frontier edge.

Good Names are Clever and Direct

PsychPros is a clever play on “psychos,” which is fitting because the company staffs the behavioral healthcare industry. This subtle humor is good because it has personality; it showcases the humanness of the company, which can only be appealing when so many names feel offputtingly cold and formulaic. Not only is this subtle association fitting and humorous, but it also sends a clear message of who the company is. They are professionals at filling professionals into psychology-related jobs.

Good Names Conjure Good Images

“Bolder Staffing Inc.” not only tells us directly to think of this company as braver than others, but also balances the potential negative sides of that association (recklessness, arbitrariness) by relying on the homophone of “boulder,” an image associated with strength, resolve, and assurity.

“Safe Bridge Solutions” is a great name because it gives us a great image. Bridges are symbolically powerful in themselves, connotation connections, ingenuity, and efficiency, but a safe bridge is even more inviting. Add “Solutions” and the name becomes even more powerful, taking something as great and strong, but passive, as a safe bridge, and giving it a critical and helpful autonomy.

The name is important for your staffing agency, but having the funds to operate is even more important. Invoice factoring is a funding option many companies use to improve cash flow and cover payroll.

Starting a Staffing Company? What to expect in a typical day.

(

You arrive at your staffing service, pass the friendly face you’ve set up at the front desk to welcome potential applicants, enter your office, and set up for the day. A line of prospective employees starts to form outside. In this waiting room, they fill out an application with two forms of identification, a reference release, a resume, and a questionnaire with such questions as “What kind of job are you looking for?” Depending on the type of work they are applying for, you may want to give applicants general and/or special knowledge proficiency tests.

After filtering the applicants based on eligibility and the quality of their application, you start your interviews. While you interview each applicant, make sure that you have personnel running background and educational checks, as well as contacting the applicant’s references.

After interviewing and approving the best applicants, make sure to give them an orientation packet: time sheets, expectations and schedule, procedure, legal notes, mutual responsibilities, etcetera.

During most of the day either you or other staffing personnel will need to spend a lot of time on the phone talking to potential candidates, hired temporary employees, clients, and potential clients. These calls will involve issues ranging from encouraging potential candidates to apply, finding replacements for sick employees, making follow-up calls, courtesy calls, dealing with emergency situations, and dealing with financial issues.

It’s not easy to start a staffing company, but it’s definitely not impossible. Staffing companies provide extremely valuable services, both for workers and companies, and when you leave the office you leave knowing you’ve accomplished something; you’re helping to connect people to jobs, and helping fill companies with talented employees, to make everyone’s life better.