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Top 8 Qualities Your Staffing Agency Should Look for in Candidates

Are you interested in learning the secrets to keeping your best employees while bringing on awesome new ones? Hiring and retaining qualified employees can be tough for staffing agencies. While you may easily find candidates with the technical skills required for the job, discovering a contender who is loyal, goal-oriented and outgoing may be more challenging. Although there is no easy formula to finding the perfect employee, looking for candidates who possess these traits will put your staffing agency on the road to success.

Tips for Staffing Agencies When Recruiting


Effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills are valuable and necessary in the work place. While employees can be trained to improve their communication skills, staffing agencies should hire candidates that already excel in this area.

Goal Oriented

Goal setting should not only be for current employees but for potential candidates as well. It’s necessary to talk about the applicant’s future within the role before you hire them. During the interview, ask about their short and long-term goals and inform them about the objectives of the position. Hiring ambitious individuals can be challenging but is beneficial for improving the quality of hire.


Dependability is an important quality for an employee to possess because it means you can not only trust them to show up to work consistently and on-time, but you can also count on them for the quality and amount of work they complete. Dependability helps employees avoid company-wide layoffs because often times, an employer will choose dependable employees over unreliable ones during times of uncertainty.


Flexibility is a timeless skill occupied by successful employees. Companies are constantly changing and evolving their processes to make them better and more effective. Hiring and retaining employees who adapt well to changes will ultimately allow these developmental shifts to be completed much faster and more efficiently.


When hiring, staffing agencies must analyze the personalities of the candidates they are seeking. Personality is one of the many drivers of behavior, and it is consistent over time. Although you may only be interviewing someone for 1 hour, their personality will likely not change once you hire them.

Leadership ability

A candidate’s leadership ability stems from how adequate their communication skills are. Staffing agencies should keep in mind that successful leaders are effective communicators. Sufficient written and verbal communication skills help leaders convey their messages and expectations in a way others can easily understand.

Team Worker

There are very few, jobs that don’t require team work. When hiring new employees, staffing agencies should ensure the candidates are productive when working on a team. Most employees enjoy working with others but it’s certainly something to ask when interviewing.


Staffing agencies should bring in creative employees who use new solutions to solve reoccurring problems. Creative people find new opportunities to help the organization grow and evolve. Innovative employees ask questions about an organization’s processes and procedures before customers may think of them. Visionary employees are vital to a business’s success.

Hiring candidates who possess these traits will help your staffing agency retain employees. Taking time to thoroughly interview and assess applicants will better ensure you hire the right person. While there is no guarantee that an employee will stay with your agency forever, these personality characteristics makeup successful and hard-working individuals.