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Biggest Marketing Mistake Made by Staffing Companies

Business is booming all across the United States. Just a few days ago, it was announced that September saw 200,000 new jobs added to the American workplace. This spells good news for every industry in the economy, especially the staffing industry. Obviously, it is a great thing for the American staffing industry when businesses of […]

How Staffing Companies Can Raise Satisfaction Ratings

Every year, CareerBuilder and Inavero publish a study called “Opportunities in Staffing,” a comprehensive guide designed to help staffing company owners navigate the industry. Based on the responses of staffing agency employees/candidates and clients, the research offers a great reflection on where the industry is headed. Now, while the staffing industry is pulling in more […]

Staffing Industry Revenue Hits $142.4 Billion

It is no secret that the American staffing industry is strong, and getting stronger. Its growth has been well documented and publicized in recent years. And, recently, another significant piece of “good news” has surfaced. The United States’ staffing industry total revenue will have increased by 7% before the end of this year, followed with […]

Staffing Agencies: 5 Ways to Reel in the Best Recruits

Staffing companies want to provide their clients with the best labor pool possible. A strong, experienced, and capable staff will attract organizations in need of workers to your staffing agency, and you will profit greatly. But, the key is to attract the best works to your agency. Recruiting in the business world is an art […]

Staffing Company Owners, It’s Time To Expand!

In today’s economy, it is very beneficial to be an owner of a staffing company. Temporary and contract workers are in high demand throughout all sectors of the workforce, and everybody involved in the industry is happy—the employees themselves, those who contract the workers, and of course, the owners of staffing companies! Here are four […]

Statistics Your Staffing Company Needs to Know

Staffing Companies Are an Open Window Every year, the staffing industry supplies jobs for around 14 million Americans a year. That’s a lot of people! Working with a staffing company is beneficial to all parties involved. The employers don’t have to take the time out of their day to search for candidates, they will have […]

Study Reveals Detriments of Depression in the Workplace

Unsurprisingly, the old shibboleth that busy hands are happy hands does not always ring true in the workplace of the twenty-first century. It is common sense that depression hinders productivity. But, it turns out that depression is a detriment in more ways than one, as a recent survey featured in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry […]

It’s a Great Time to be in the IT Industry

It looks as if being a member of the IT staffing industry is set to pay off in the near future. As we continue to surge ahead into the digital age, our economy is transforming, becoming equally as dependent on technology as we are. That is why the IT industry is the hottest sector of […]