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The 7 Hottest Healthcare Jobs

Looking to expand your temp staffing agency in the medical or healthcare industry? Learn which 7 jobs are the most poised for growth over the next ten years. 7.   Nurse Midwife / Nurse Practitioner / Nurse Anaesthetist What they do: Administer anesthesia, help with birth, and look after patients. Annual salary median: $96,460 Estimated […]

Long-Distance Runner

Picture this: you’re a long-distance runner, trying to cross a finish line that’s held by two people who are running away from you as you speed towards it. The people holding the finish line aren’t running very fast, just barely jogging, but you keep stumbling over the roots and pebbles in your path. You’ll be […]

Starting Your Staffing Company? 8 Hot Cities for Temp Staffing

Austin, TX According to the most recent yearly survey by Thumbtack, Austin is the friendliest city in the country for small business, which consequently makes it very hot for any temp staffing company. The top industries in Austin include manufacturing, energy, technology, and healthcare. Virginia Beach, VA Virginia Beach is rated the city where launching […]

Starting a Staffing Company? What to expect in a typical day.

(Read more at http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/234664) You arrive at your staffing service, pass the friendly face you’ve set up at the front desk to welcome potential applicants, enter your office, and set up for the day. A line of prospective employees starts to form outside. In this waiting room, they fill out an application with two forms of […]