Performance Reviews Negatively Impact Millennials

Frustrated business person overloaded with work.

For all staffing company owners that are looking to maximize the productivity of their millennial temporary workers, here is some need-to-know information from a recent TriNet study.

Everybody in the world of temporary staffing knows that millennials are bringing a new culture to the workforce. And as it turns out, a side effect of that culture is a significant aversion to the traditional performance review.

The study found that the traditional performance review procedure serves as a stark inhibitor of professional growth and job retention for professionals born after 1980. Of the 1,000 millennials featured in the TriNet study, 62% reported that they felt “blindsided” by a performance review, and 74% were found to feel constantly “in the dark” about how managers and coworkers felt about the quality of their performance. Moreover, following traditional performance reviews, 47% of millennials are left feeling as if they cannot do anything right at work, and a significant number of them began looking for a new job.

What do these statistics show? Primarily, they prove that millennials do not do well with the traditional system of administering infrequent performance reviews. Young professionals prefer to have their work evaluated more regularly, through conversation and discourse with their manager. 85% of millennials say that they would be more confident at their job if they had frequent, face to face evaluations with their boss.

Implementing a millennial-friendly evaluation system will help encourage millennial job retention and motivation for professional growth. What is more, the study proves that interpersonal, regular criticism increases trust and decreases anxiety within the workplace. It is important that staffing company owners understand this and ensure that their millennials are in an environment that is conducive to success.

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