How to Attract Job-Seekers to your Agency

A position opens up in your business or agency and it’s time to hire someone new—someone good. You have a specific type of person in mind, but for some reason he or she just isn’t applying.

Why not?

Don’t worry, it may not be you. It’s probably your application process. Don’t let a stressful or confusing application process deter potential employees from applying to the position. Instead, follow these helpful tips to make your job position more attractive and draw in job-seekers.

Make your company attractive to job-seekers:


Before the Job Search

Do your research. You know what kind of person you want to fill a particular position, so don’t just settle for anyone. Ask your employees if they know anyone that fits your descriptive mold. If anyone would know who would make a good [insert position here], it would be your employees. In fact, these people are great resources for attracting job-seekers. Ask them to refer others to the company and reach out to their recommendations beforehand. Doing this may allow you to find a candidate that would not have known to apply otherwise.

Make the position enticing. When writing your job posting, make sure you keep the text clear and easy to read. Add a detailed job description and information about your company. These two paragraphs should not be too extensive, but they should be able to clearly outline the important aspects of your company and the position. The design of your job posting should be a perfect balance of unique and simple. Don’t crowd the posting with extravagant graphics or designs, but also don’t be too dull. The reader should be able to read your advertisement quickly and easily. Keep in mind that good content can make up for simple graphics!

Applying for the Job

Okay, here’s the important part. If your prospective employees don’t know your company very well before they apply, your application is one of the first impressions they get. If your application is hard to find and even harder to fill out, then a high percentage of responses is entirely unlikely. Make your application accessible and easy. How?

  • Make your application form available and compatible with any mode of electronic device. People should be able to submit from their cellphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Allow applicants the opportunity to save and come back to their application. If your application is lengthy or requires tests, don’t make your audience complete it in one sitting. Giving them the option to save and finish it later allows them to complete it on their time and to the best of their ability.
  • Accept all major file types. Job-seekers are more likely to upload a resume if they can do so without converting their file. Make sure your website supports resumes that are uploaded as PDFs, JPGs, and Microsoft Word documents.

The Interview

The interview is the make-or-break part of the job application process for both you and your prospective employee. Let them know that they have as much of a choice in accepting the job as you do in hiring them. Be flexible with meeting spots, interview times, and interview processes. Give them a choice of a few times or places that best suit you, then coordinate with their preferences. Keep the interview focused on the job and make the conversation two-way. You want to get to know them as much as they want to get to know you, so allow them the opportunity to ask you questions as well.

Being transparent about the job is extremely important. If you are open and honest with potential candidates, they will be more likely to follow up with your offer. Be upfront about downsides of the position as well (e.g. long hours, difficult clients, far commute). If your potential employee knows the downsides immediately, he/she will be able to consider whether these factors affect his/her decision to accept the job. Don’t get me wrong, the positive aspects of your job should wildly outweigh the negative. Your job-seekers should be able to recognize that you are worth working for.

The key to attracting job-seekers is to make your job advertisements clear, your applications easy, and your interviews engaging. Good content and solid job descriptions will make potential employees flock to you to learn more. By following these tips, your perfect candidate will come along in no time.

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