Long-Distance Runner

Picture this: you’re a long-distance runner, trying to cross a finish line that’s held by two people who are running away from you as you speed towards it. The people holding the finish line aren’t running very fast, just barely jogging, but you keep stumbling over the roots and pebbles in your path. You’ll be five feet away from ripping through the finish line, only to trip and lose thirty more feet. Somehow the people holding the finish line ribbon never fall. This has been happening for some time now. Suddenly another person appears beside you on a Segway, keeping perfectly in line with you, stopping when you fall, matching her vehicle’s speed to your stride. She offers you a deal: she’ll get rid of any roots and stones in your way if you give up a small percentage of your maximum speed capacity. So instead of running at 100% and falling every dozen strides, you’ll run at 98% and never fall. She says there’s no commitment, and if you’re dissatisfied you can reverse the deal at any time, gain back the 2% you lost, and continue to stumble over obstacles.

This is invoice factoring for staffing.

The service is so good you’ll never want to leave. After you break through the first ribbon, you’ll find that your plans for your company’s success keep growing. Countless finish lines lie before you, retreating from you at a constant rate, each faster than the next. Success is simple: cross as many finish lines as you can until you can’t run anymore.

Factor Finders knows how cash flow woes can strike at any time, suffocating your staffing agency and turning financial molehills into mountainous obligations which suck up all your company’s time and resources. Our goal is to give your staffing agency the tools to combat such unwanted adverse conditions, with invoice factoring. We make funding easy for you so meeting payroll and covering basic costs doesn’t have to be like running a race and tripping over roots and stones. We want your staffing company to thrive.