The 3 Biggest Marketing Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

As anyone who’s ever been inspired to click on a link or Google a product after seeing a commercial knows, marketing is an extremely important and effective aspect of a company’s success.

Just as it’s important to market well, it’s equally important not to market poorly. Read on to learn what the three biggest marketing mistakes are, and how you can avoid them, to make sure your business succeeds.

  1. Failed attempts to go viral
    o   Virality is a powerful weapon for marketing. With it, companies can reach an incredible number of people easily with a memorable message. However, it can also go wrong, if not attempted correctly.
    o   Example: Sony’s attempt to fake viral buzz around the PSP with
    – Aftermath: Deterioration of their public image after backlash.
    o   How to avoid it: If trying for viral marketing, don’t try to deceive your customers. They’ll find out, and trust your whole company less.
  1. Not understanding your audience
    o   Audience is the most important factor in marketing. Your business advertising means nothing without an audience. That’s why it’s so important to understand who you’re selling your message to, and how to market yourself so your audience will be the most receptive.
    o   Example: Gap’s two-day logo-change campaign to look more modern.
    – Aftermath: Loss of trust from loyal customers.
    o   How to avoid it: Make sure you understand who your primary audience is, especially before making any dramatic changes to your company’s image.
  1. Trying to over-extend
    o   There’s a saying in almost every language that goes along the lines of don’t spread yourself too thin. Every company has its limits when it comes to expanding into new areas.
    o   Example: Colgate’s attempt to produce packaged meals.
    – Aftermath: The dissonance of a toothpaste company selling food was enough to lower sales of the actual toothpaste.
    o   How to avoid it: Know what you do best and stick to it.

Learn from these three dangerous marketing mishaps to develop an effective small business marketing campaign. Make sure your time and money is well spent so your business ends up stronger for its marketing efforts, not worse.