Staffing Funding Frequently Asked Questions

Is staffing payroll factoring only for struggling companies?

No, and while payroll funding will definitely help struggling staffing companies get back on their feet to move towards success, all companies can benefit from a strong and steady cash flow! Payroll funding is also a great funding option for staffing companies experiencing rapid growth, because it’s the only kind of financing that will grow as your company expands, making sure you have the funds you need to keep growing and take on bigger and better clients.

What is the process of applying for staffing funding?

The payroll funding application is easy – and typically only a single page in length! Your business can be approved for factoring invoices in as little as 24 hours.

What types of documentation will I need to submit?

Once your application has been received and pre-approved, the funder may request the following documents:
– Articles of incorporation
– Accounts receivable aging report
– Accounts payable aging report
– Copy of last year’s tax return
– Profit and loss statement
– Balance sheet

How much cash advance can I receive, and how quickly?

Depending on the payroll funding company you work with, you can get up to 90% cash advance within 24 hours.

How does payroll funding work?

The payroll funding process is simple, effortless, and efficient! You sell your invoices to the payroll funding company, the funder verifies the invoices and issues and immediate cash advance of up to 90%. Then, the factor collects invoice payments from your clients, subtracts a minimal fee, and returns the rest to you. You get to repeat as often as necessary.

Will working with a factoring company hurt my company’s reputation?

Not at all! Payroll factoring is used by some of the most successful staffing companies in the world as a means to grow with steady cash flow and always available access to immediate funds.

Will my credit score be lowered by factoring staffing invoices?

No, your credit score won’t be lowered because payroll factoring doesn’t require your staffing company to take on any debt, unlike other financing options. In fact, factoring staffing invoices can improve your credit score by proving the steady working capital to ensure prompt payments.

What should I tell my customers about working with a factoring company?

The company is taking a step forward with staffing funding to attain a source of steady cash flow and funding that will grow with the business. Some of the world’s largest companies use payroll funding to strengthen their cash flow, raise profits, and bolster growth. Factoring may even allow you to extend payment terms for clients, which will only strengthen your business relationship.

How are invoice payments collected?

The staffing payroll funding company collects invoice payments directly from your customers. Your agency invoices customers as usual. Customers are typically notified via mail to send payment to a new address, and clients will mail the check to the factoring company.

Can I pick and choose which invoices to factor?

Flexibility is one of the greatest benefits of using a factoring company for staffing payroll funding. You have the freedom to factor when you want, how you want, whom you want and for however long you want.

How is payroll funding better than a bank-loan?

Payroll funding is a quicker funding solution for staffing companies and is different than a bank-loan:
-A simpler application
-More flexibility
-No debt to repay – Factoring is not a loan
-Staffing companies of all credit, experience, and size can get approved for payroll funding because approval is based on your clients ability to pay.
-Processing for first-time accounts just takes a few days
-Bad credit is OK
-The amount of funding grows with your staffing agency. The more invoices you factor, the more funding you’ll receive.

Who will be responsible if a client doesn’t pay an invoice?

This depends on whether you choose recourse or non-recourse factoring. With non-recourse, the factoring company will assume the risk. However, staffing factors will not assume liability for disputes regarding quality or timeliness of goods and services.

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