America’s 25 Hardest-Working Cities

Is your staffing company in one of these cities where people work the hardest? Here are America’s hardest-working cities, according to The list was made factoring in variables such as average hours worked per week, unemployment, time spent in commute, lack of sleep, volunteering hours, and more:

  1. Seattle, Washington
  2. Arlington, Texas
  3. Fort Worth, Texas
  4. Austin, Texas
  5. San Jose, California
  6. San Francisco, California
  7. Dallas, Texas
  8. Virginia Beach, Virginia
  9. Washington, D.C.
  10. Houston, Texas
  11. New York, New York
  12. Tulsa, Oklahoma
  13. Portland, Oregon
  14. Phoenix, Arizona
  15. Boston, Massachusetts
  16. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  17. Mesa, Arizona
  18. Indianapolis, Indiana
  19. Los Angeles, California
  20. San Diego, California
  21. Columbus, Ohio
  22. Denver, Colorado
  23. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  24. Long Beach, California
  25. Baltimore, Maryland

See the complete list here. If your staffing company is in one of these cities, you will probably have to deal with rapid seasonal growth at some point, for which you will need a strong cash flow and a constant source of funding. Otherwise, you risk not being able to keep up with demand because you lack the working capital to expand. Use invoice factoring to make your cash flow strong. It’s fast and easy, and is the only type of funding that grows as your business grows. Even if your staffing agency isn’t in one of these 25 cities, all companies can benefit from invoice factoring.

5 Easiest Recruiting Mistakes to Make

Good recruiting is one of chief factors of any staffing agency’s success. Just as there are ways to do recruiting remarkably well, there are always ways to do it remarkably badly. Here are the 5 easiest recruiting mistakes to make:

  1. Not hiring older workers because you are afraid they will be less productive.
    Despite this misconception, older workers are actually much more efficient than their younger counterparts.
  1. Not hiring those who are unemployed because you are afraid they lack the skills or experience.
    Everyone has to start somewhere. People who are unemployed may have experience or skills that are just waiting to be tapped.
  1. Not putting your company’s name and logo on all job postings.
    Not only should you treat everything as a marketing opportunity, but also what good is your job posting if applicants don’t know what company they are applying for?
  1. Running unstructured interviews.
    An unstructured interview will do two bad things for your company. First, it will leave a bad impression for the candidate. Second, a sloppy, unstructured interview will be inefficient, painful, and not allow you to learn much about your candidate.
  1. Making potential candidates go through an awkward application process.
    Unfortunately, recruiting isn’t a simple A to B of finding applicants and getting them to your company. There are many steps in between, and having the connections between those steps be awkward will be sure to turn off applicants and send out a bad impression of your staffing company.

Hopefully your staffing agency can learn from these 5 recruiting mistakes, and not fall into their traps. However, while recruiting is extremely important, complete staffing success is more than just recruiting. Your staffing company will also need a strong cash flow and a constant source of funding to do well in periods of rapid growth and seasonal slumps. For this, staffing invoice factoring is the best way to ensure your business has the resources it needs to meet all its goals and expand.

How Not to Commit Staffing Social Media Suicide

Social media is a very powerful tool. Here are five things NOT to do if you want your staffing company to do well on social media:

  1. Make sure you’re not posting about what you did last night on your company’s Facebook page thinking it’s your own personal account. Or better yet, just make sure all things you post on social media are appropriate.
  1. Don’t post about hamburgers on a page catering to vegetarians. Know who your audience is and avoid posting things that will completely offend them.
  1. Don’t completely diss out your competitors. Your followers want to know what your staffing company does well, not what others do badly.
  1. Don’t cover up negative comments or criticisms made directly on your social media pages. This will leave a bad impression for everyone. Instead, respond to them politely and effectively. Use them as an opportunity to highlight the things your company already does well. Better yet, there may be a grain of truth in the critique, and your company may be able to improve.
  1. Don’t blame your audience or simply do nothing if you make a serious social media mistake. Know how to deal with it in a positive and respectful way. Remember the Onion debacle during 2013’s Oscars? How much worse would the social media fallout have been if they had failed to apologize and not removed the offensive post?

Since its inception, social media has allowed people to connect with one another across boundaries of age, class, location, and even language, on an unprecedented level. Remember though, that just as there is great power to connect your business to the world in social media, there is also great power to destroy that connection. Follow these 5 tips and you might just avert social media disaster for your staffing company. Speaking of disaster, avoid financial disasters in your staffing agency by funding payroll with invoice factoring!

6 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Staffing Business Owners

Owning a staffing business is hard. It was hard even before the internet came along and both complicated and simplified everything. However, these six mobile apps are guaranteed to simplify things, make your staffing business more efficient, and make your life easier. If you’re using them already, great for you. If you’re not, what are you waiting for?

  1. Evernote
    What it does: Allows you to keep track of any idea that you have, take pictures, of things, store voice memos, keep track of webpages, and more, all on a cloud that can be accessed from any computer you log into as from your phone.
    Why you need it: Being able to sync up all your data is one thing, but having a convenient place to store all your thoughts and ideas and more, and having that be synced to a cloud, that’s ideal.
  2. Google Drive
    What it does: Allows you to access all shared and personal documents on Google Drive from your phone, so you can stay on top of your collaborations and shared documents from anywhere.
    Why you need it: Google Drive is an extremely powerful data storage cloud that allows you to share and collaborate with other people. Getting it on mobile just means that it’s more useful and accessible than ever.
  3. Pocket
    What it does: Pocket is an organizational tool that allows you to save things that you want to read on the web for later, and keep track of all of them in one place.
    Why you need it: Sometimes you just don’t have time to read everything you want to read online or in your email when it arrives, and if you don’t, then you may end up forgetting about it. Pocket allows you to stay organized, and efficient, with what you are reading online. Saving time and energy is important for any staffing company.
  4. Turbo Scan
    What it does: Allows you to use your phone’s screen as a scanner, to save documents, pages from books, receipts, and much more!
    Why you need it: There are so many possible uses for this app. In addition to being able to quickly scan and save documents, images, and other flat things, it also allows you to quickly share them, easily!
  5. Asana
    What it does: Think of it as a shared to-do list. You can use it to keep track of tasks for your employees and for yourself, and share them as you see fit.
    Why you need it: By allowing you to keep to-do conversations out of your email, such conversations are easier to access, and efficiency improves.
  6. Facebook Pages
    What it does: Allows you to update and keep track of analytics on your pages from your phone, in one convenient place.
    Why you need it: Unlike the regular Facebook app, this one is customized to be specifically for businesses with pages, so you can make sure your social media presence is at its best wherever you are.

With this 6 apps on your side, you can unlock your staffing company’s efficiency, and manage your company and your employees much more efficiently than before. Use them to simplify your life, organize your information, and share things easily.

Staffing Companies Should Prepare for Upcoming Hiring Surge – Discover how Factoring Can Help You Battle Rapid Growth

The job market is strengthening and employment rates have been steadily rising. Companies have gained the confidence to bulk up their payrolls and expand in new directions, running opposite to the several-year trend of many companies hiring only the fewest possible employees to get by. Together, these things hint at an upcoming hiring spike within the next year.

Job increases are happening in all industries, from growth acceleration in construction to finance. As “HELP WANTED” signs go up in windows across the country, more temp workers than ever are being sought for the workplace.

Is your temp staffing company ready to take advantage of this sudden expansion in temp jobs? To stay on top of the growing economy, you’ll need a strong cash flow, and a constant source of funding so that you can take on larger and larger clients, and always stay a step ahead of your competitors.

You could apply for a bank-loan, but why? Bank-loan applications are lengthy, complicated, and tedious, sucking up your staffing company’s valuable time and energy. Bank-loans will force you to take on more financial obligation in the form of debt, and can reject your company based on experience, size, or credit. Banks will also commonly reject companies that are going through rapid growth or have recently started up.

Staffing invoice factoring is the solution your agency needs to take full advantage of the improving job market. Payroll factoring offers a constant supply of funding for payroll, so your temp staffing business can expand with the economy.

Factor Finders will find your staffing agency the best invoice factoring programs for your distinct needs and goals. Get to know the perks of staffing invoice factoring to ensure you’re prepared to meet the rising demand for new hires. Contact us today – we’d love to tell you more about how factoring can grow your business.

10 Business Invoicing Mistakes to Avoid

Everybody makes mistakes, from startup business owners to executives, from first-time parents to chess grandmasters. Mistakes are a great equalizer, in this way. However, not all mistakes are equal. Taking the wrong turn on the highway is a lost less dangerous than making mistakes with your company’s invoices. Learn these top 10 business invoicing mistakes to avoid:

  1. Assuming your client will pay without sending them an invoice.
    Never do this! It’s your responsibility to remind your client to pay, as well as how and when, not your client’s responsibility to figure it out! Doing this is sure to cause you a headache when your client completely forgets to pay.
  2. Sending your invoice without proofreading.
    Don’t do this! You could end up with an embarrassing typo, bad math, or worse, the wrong amounts given!
  3. Not stating a clear due date.
    With so many clients already taking extended amounts of time to pay back invoices, one of the worst mistakes you can make is to exacerbate the problem by not giving a due date.
  4. Failing to send an invoice as soon as work is complete.
    The best way to encourage your clients not to pay on time, short of telling them, is to be lazy about sending out invoices yourself. If you can’t send out your invoices directly after work is done, you’re sending a strong message that prompt payment is not a priority for you.
  5. Submitting the wrong invoice to the wrong client.
    Especially if you’re sending invoices out to several clients at a time, mix-ups can tend to happen. The best-case scenario is that you end up having to wait even longer to receive payment. The worst-case scenario is that by sending one client’s invoice to another, you can end up in legal trouble for breaching private information. Be vigilant for mistakes like this, and make sure to double-check the address.
  6. Forgetting to reiterate your terms to your client after the initial contract.
    Another way to reinforce your desire to receive invoice payments as promptly as possible is to make sure to remind your client of your contract terms.
  7. Neglecting to follow up on late payments.
    “It will be fine,” you think to yourself, “I don’t want to be rude, they’ll pay soon.” Weeks go by, and your client still hasn’t paid. Don’t make this mistake! Late-paying clients are liable to continue holding off on payment unless you remind them how important it is to you to be paid promptly!
  8. Not being open about all fees on your invoice.
    A great way to lose a client’s trust is to bombard them with hidden fees on invoices. Even though you may do this unintentionally, simply having forgotten to tell them before making your invoice. Be careful to discuss all fees with the client, before you list them on your invoices.
  9. Forgetting to keep a copy of all invoices sent.
    If a dispute should arise, not having a copy of the invoice you sent out could spell a certain headache for you if your client has misplaced theirs. Save a copy of all invoices, just in case.
  10. Not providing an itemized bill.
    Not making sure your client knows exactly what they are paying you for is a good way to set an unprofessional tone. Make sure your clients pay on time by being professional, and listing all charges on your invoices.

All these mistakes could lead to or exacerbate slow cash flow due to long invoice payments. However, even if you have learned never to make these mistakes, your clients are not under your control, and long invoice payments may still be an unpleasant reality, causing your cash flow to dip and fluctuate unpredictably.

To bulk up and steady your cash flow so you can authoritatively apply your attentions to the things that count in your business, like meeting your goals and moving forward, start factoring your invoices with Factor Finders! Receive up to 90% cash back immediately after selling your invoices to a factor, and get back the remainder, minus a small fee, as soon as your clients pay.

To strengthen your cash flow today with invoice factoring, call 1-855-EZ-Factor or apply online now at!

Why do Temp Staffing Companies Use Factoring?

There are plenty of reasons why many successful as well as small staffing companies prefer invoice factoring as their primary method of funding for growth and a steady cash flow. Here are the top 7 reasons:

  1. Funding payroll with invoice factoring is personal! After reviewing your application, Factor Finders’ top experts will connect you with the best factoring service for your staffing company’s distinct needs and goals.
  1. Factoring for staffing companies is flexible! You can choose which invoices to factor! Factor as rarely or as often as you need! There are no binding contracts or hidden fees. You decide what kind of relationship you want with your factoring company!
  1. Payroll funding is easy to obtain! Unlike a bank-loan, there are no overwrought paperwork packets, and staffing companies from all stripes, with any size, credit, or experience, can get funding!
  1. Staffing factoring is easy to use! There’s nothing easier than the factoring process: you sell your invoices to the staffing factoring company, get an immediate cash advance, and get the remainder, minus a small fee, once your clients have paid the factor.
  1. Staffing invoice factoring is the only type of funding that grows as your business grows! The more working capital you have, the more you can grow your business, and the more invoices you can cycle through the factoring company!
  1. Bad credit is OK! This is because factoring companies care more about your clients’ credit.
  1. Factoring benefits staffing companies of all sizes, whether you’re struggling or already successful. The point of factoring is to harness the power of instant working capital to make your business better than you ever thought possible.

With so much going for staffing companies who decide to take advantage of invoice factoring, it’s no wonder that staffing invoice factoring is becoming such a popular option for large and small staffing companies alike. To learn more or to get started with factoring today, call 1-855-EZ-Factor or apply online now!

How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Job Posting – 5 Tips

Writing an attention-grabbing job posting is extremely important for your staffing firm to be able to recruit the top talent, and grow as a business into greater and greater success. The best clients won’t want to work with you if you can’t provide them with the best temp workers. Discover these five tips to creating the catchiest job postings to attract the sharpest candidates.

  1. Include all the essentials
    • Salary.
    • Where the job is located.
    • Basic information about the job.
    • Basic information about your company, what you do, who you are, what your mission is, etcetera.
    • Qualifications / what you’re looking for in a great applicant.
    • Opportunities for advancement.
  2. Include a compact but powerful FAQ
    If potential candidates look at your job posting and have glaring questions, they might skim over it rather than go through the effort of contacting you to find the answers. Anticipating this problem with an FAQ at the bottom of your job posting is a great solution.
  3. Learn from competitors’ job postings and apply their most successful strategies to your own.
  4. Order the information in your job posting in the most intuitive and effective way.
    For example, put the short and crucial information at the top, like salary and job description. Save what you’re looking for in an applicant, and other less necessary paragraphs for lower down in the job description. If applicants are interested, they will read this type of content, but it won’t turn off applicants who already know those things or are more interested in the essentials first.
  5. Ask for insights and suggestions about what to highlight in your job application from recent candidates and hired employees.

Absorb these five tips, add a catchy title and a personable writing style, and you’re done! You’re on your way to creating catchy job postings that will secure you the top talent for your staffing company. Pair it with invoice factoring, and you’re staffing agency will surely be on the rise.

10 Characteristics of Highly Successful Temp Staffing Companies

Highly successful temp staffing companies didn’t get that way overnight. Rather, they achieved their success after identifying and honing these 10 characteristics. Read on to learn what 10 characteristics the most successful temp staffing companies have in common, and which will earn you the success you want for your business if you can develop them.

  1. Simple and elegant presentation.
    This goes for online, printed materials, contact with customers, and all marketing efforts. Across the board, aesthetic trends are tending toward simplicity and elegance. Learn how to employ simplicity to send a message of refinement, being on the cutting edge, and being concerned with your customer’s experience.
  2. Niche-focus.
    They started with their niche and built out from it. Know your audience/niche and pour your attention into it. Expand too, but expand from inside your niche, pushing out the walls.
  3. They know their strengths and create contexts that empower them.
    Successful staffing agencies have identified their strengths and learned how to direct everything towards a context that enables them to shine.
  4. They have embraced and transformed their weaknesses into memorable idiosyncrasies.
    The best temp staffing companies know what their weaknesses are, and have learned how to play on them as memorable idiosyncrasies. Think of Google’s strange name, a misspelling of the number googol.
  5. Personality!
    Great companies focus on expressing their company’s message and identity in all communication and presentation. The things that make people so memorable—names, faces, quirks—don’t have to disappear in a business. Learn how to uncover and highlight your company’s distinct personality and message, and watch as clients increase.
  6. Dedication to getting better all the time.
    Nobody and no business is perfect and without room for improvement—especially as the world changes and technology improves, and methods for reaching potential clients improve and get more and more expansive.
  7. Knowing how to and being able to effectively collaborate.
    This means working as a team within your business, as well as working together with customers to create a reality that best fits everybody’s needs and benefits both parties more than otherwise possible.
  8. A trove of knowledge and experience in the industry.
    Having knowledge and experience of your industry will make sure that you know all the ins and outs and aren’t surprised by anything. Being able to navigate the complicated staffing landscape is a must for any successful staffing company.
  9. Access to the best temp candidates.
    No matter how skilled and smooth the mechanisms of your temp staffing company, you can’t have any clients unless you can find talented temp workers to fill them with. Very successful temp staffing companies focus on creating far-reaching networks of candidates to draw from for whatever jobs may arise.
  10. A steady cash flow and a constant source of available funding.
    Every successful staffing company has to have a steady cash flow and a constant source of available funding. Slow waits on invoice payments can crush cash flow, and most forms of funding don’t have the ability to grow as your business grows. Invoice factoring, however, is a great way to ensure your cash flow stays steady despite whatever periods of slow or rapid growth your staffing agency might be going through. Staffing invoice factoring offers companies the ability to receive instantaneous funding that grows as their business grows, whenever they need it.

If you want your temp staffing company to succeed, remember these ten qualities shared by yout most successful competitors, and emulate them! To learn more about how factoring can strengthen your business today.

10,100 New Temp Jobs Created in June

To continue a trend of steady growth in temporary jobs in the United States, June saw the creation of 10,100 new temp jobs, for a total of just shy of 3 million.

In addition, the penetration rate jumped up to 2.0677%. This is all despite the fact that the general unemployment rate remains above 6%. Read more.

Now is the best time for staffing agencies to move forward. Whether you are thinking of starting a temp staffing agency, your staffing company is just starting out, you’re looking to expand, or business is booming, invoice factoring can help your business grow even more. Invoice factoring gets your company a constant and reliable source of funding, and is the only kind of financing that grows with your company. Contact Factor Finders today, and our top industry experts will find your staffing company the invoice factoring service that best matches your unique goals and needs. Start factoring your invoices now to make your company grow; call 1-855-EZ-Factor, or apply online today!