Starting Your Staffing Company? 8 Hot Cities for Temp Staffing

Austin, TX

According to the most recent yearly survey by Thumbtack, Austin is the friendliest city in the country for small business, which consequently makes it very hot for any temp staffing company.

The top industries in Austin include manufacturing, energy, technology, and healthcare.

Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach is rated the city where launching a small business is easiest. Because tourism in Virginia Beach is always a thriving and in-demand industry with continually new costumers, this is a city where staffing companies would be valued and needed.

The top industries in Virginia Beach include tourism, agriculture, military, and retail/wholesale.

Houston, TX

With a great balance of low real estate prices, light regulations, and a large but friendly population, Houston makes itself a very welcoming place for businesses. Temp staffing companies will thrive here.

The top industries in Houston include manufacturing, energy, chemicals, and aerospace.

Colorado Springs, CO

Combining light regulations and zoning laws, a talented and highly educated local population, and sheer natural beauty, Colorado Springs marks itself as an incredible place for any temp staffing company.

The top industries in Colorado Springs include military, aerospace, technology, and tourism.

San Antonio, TX

Temp staffing companies can do well in San Antonio thanks to its great quality of life, light regulations, and low taxes, not to mention a great small-town atmosphere.

The top industries in San Antonio include services, manufacturing, and government.

Nashville, TN

For temp staffing companies looking to start, Nashville offers cheap prices, low taxes, and a strong sense of community rare to most cities, which translates to greater cooperation among businesses.

The top industries in Nashville include finance and insurance, healthcare, and entertainment.

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

As the fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States, Dallas boasts great opportunities for temp staffing companies with its low taxes, large population, and business-friendly atmosphere.

The top industries in Dallas-Fort Worth include technology, manufacturing, real estate, and tourism.

Raleigh-Durham, NC

Raleigh-Durham provides a great home for temp staffing companies because of its low costs, high quality of life, and ability to draw incredibly talented workers from the many top-notch colleges and universities in the area. Combine that with a creative, innovative, and business-friendly atmosphere, and Raleigh-Durham stands out as one of the hottest choices for temp staffing companies.

The top industries in Raleigh-Durham include government, education, healthcare, and technology.

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