How Not to Commit Staffing Social Media Suicide

Social media is a very powerful tool. Here are five things NOT to do if you want your staffing company to do well on social media:

  1. Make sure you’re not posting about what you did last night on your company’s Facebook page thinking it’s your own personal account. Or better yet, just make sure all things you post on social media are appropriate.
  1. Don’t post about hamburgers on a page catering to vegetarians. Know who your audience is and avoid posting things that will completely offend them.
  1. Don’t completely diss out your competitors. Your followers want to know what your staffing company does well, not what others do badly.
  1. Don’t cover up negative comments or criticisms made directly on your social media pages. This will leave a bad impression for everyone. Instead, respond to them politely and effectively. Use them as an opportunity to highlight the things your company already does well. Better yet, there may be a grain of truth in the critique, and your company may be able to improve.
  1. Don’t blame your audience or simply do nothing if you make a serious social media mistake. Know how to deal with it in a positive and respectful way. Remember the Onion debacle during 2013’s Oscars? How much worse would the social media fallout have been if they had failed to apologize and not removed the offensive post?

Since its inception, social media has allowed people to connect with one another across boundaries of age, class, location, and even language, on an unprecedented level. Remember though, that just as there is great power to connect your business to the world in social media, there is also great power to destroy that connection. Follow these 5 tips and you might just avert social media disaster for your staffing company. Speaking of disaster, avoid financial disasters in your staffing agency by funding payroll with invoice factoring!