Starting a Staffing Company? What to expect in a typical day.

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You arrive at your staffing service, pass the friendly face you’ve set up at the front desk to welcome potential applicants, enter your office, and set up for the day. A line of prospective employees starts to form outside. In this waiting room, they fill out an application with two forms of identification, a reference release, a resume, and a questionnaire with such questions as “What kind of job are you looking for?” Depending on the type of work they are applying for, you may want to give applicants general and/or special knowledge proficiency tests.

After filtering the applicants based on eligibility and the quality of their application, you start your interviews. While you interview each applicant, make sure that you have personnel running background and educational checks, as well as contacting the applicant’s references.

After interviewing and approving the best applicants, make sure to give them an orientation packet: time sheets, expectations and schedule, procedure, legal notes, mutual responsibilities, etcetera.

During most of the day either you or other staffing personnel will need to spend a lot of time on the phone talking to potential candidates, hired temporary employees, clients, and potential clients. These calls will involve issues ranging from encouraging potential candidates to apply, finding replacements for sick employees, making follow-up calls, courtesy calls, dealing with emergency situations, and dealing with financial issues.

It’s not easy to start a staffing company, but it’s definitely not impossible. Staffing companies provide extremely valuable services, both for workers and companies, and when you leave the office you leave knowing you’ve accomplished something; you’re helping to connect people to jobs, and helping fill companies with talented employees, to make everyone’s life better.