8 Top Staffing Invoice Factoring Benefits

The staffing invoice factoring benefits are many and varied, but here are 8 of the most notable benefits of invoice factoring:

1. No minimums or maximums

The working capital you can get through staffing invoice factoring is unlimited. All other types of funding don’t increase as your sales do, but temp staffing factoring does, which makes it the best and most flexible source of financing for your growing business.

2. No debt

Because factoring is not a loan, you don’t have to take on any debt to increase your payroll and grow your business with staffing invoice factoring. In addition to this decreased risk, factoring will also keep your balance sheet clean, so taking on additional funding will be easier.

3. Get cash immediately

This will free up your working capital so you can focus on things other than the basic financial obligations, like meeting goals and working on creative solutions to move your company forward.

4. Bad credit is OK

Your customers’ credit history is important to the factoring company, not yours. This means that staffing agencies of all sizes, credit histories, or experience can benefit from funding for staffing. Compare to a bank-loan, which can easily reject companies based on size, credit, or experience

5. The factoring company will handle your billing, collections and can assist with back office support

This is because factors frequently report unpaid invoices to credit services, so the risk of a lowered credit score for your clients translates into faster payment and shorter waiting times.

6.  Low rates

Factor Finders is pleased to be able to connect you with the lowest rates for staffing invoice factoring: 0.69% to 1.59% for 30 days. The factoring company will collect payment from your clients, subtract this minimal fee, and return the rest to you. You’ll find that having so much more working cash will enable you to strengthen your business and grow more than ever.

7.  Completely flexible service

Unlike other forms of funding, temp staffing invoice factoring is designed to meet your agency’s specific needs. You can factor as often or as rarely as you need, and you can choose which invoices to factor. There are no binding contracts; you can opt-out at any time. Once you factor, there’s no obligation, but we’re confident you’ll be so pleased with the payroll funding service that you’ll continue to take advantage of it.

8.  The application process is a cinch

This is opposed to a bank-loan which can involve a lot of red tape and can take much longer to process, with the added risk of having waited all that time just to get turned down.

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The Staffing Invoice Factoring Process is Easy!

  1. Sell your invoices to the staffing invoice factoring company
  2. Receive up to 90% cash back immediately
  3. The factor collects payment from your clients, subtracts a minimal fee, and returns the remainder to you
  4. You can repeat as rarely or as frequently as you need

Unlike applying for funding through a bank-loan, which involves a long and bulky application, taking on debt, turning in collateral, staffing invoice factoring is extremely easy to apply for, fast, and risk-free. Banks can reject you based on size, credit history, or experience, but staffing invoice factoring benefits companies of all sizes, credit, and experience, and plans are flexible and developed around your company’s specific needs.

Stop Waiting. Start Invoice Factoring so Your Staffing Agency can Reach its Potential!

Factor Finders’ expert staff are ready to bring your temp agency the best staffing funding company to match your company’s personality. Start invoice factoring now, and watch your company’s growth explode! The staffing invoice factoring benefits are enormous. Apply online or call 1-855-EZ-Factor now to boost your cash flow so your staffing company thrive!

Invoice factoring benefits all staffing specialties

Whether your temp staffing agency is suffering from poor cash flow due to patches of slow business or long waits on invoice payments, needs funding to keep up with periods of rapid growth, or you simply want to expand your company further, then the easy, immediate, and risk-free funding of staffing invoice factoring is the solution!

With staffing invoice factoring you can take on more temp workers, larger clients, improve training for your own personnel, cover basic costs, meet payroll, improve marketing efforts, and so much more!

Factor Finders offers quick and easy funding with staffing invoice factoring for all staffing industries, including:

We want what you want, for your staffing business to succeed as effortlessly and strongly as possible.

Worry no more about covering basic costs and meeting payroll, or having the financial foundation you need to make it through slow months, or being able to keep up with quick growth. Staffing factoring will improve cash flow, and increase efficiency.