How Small Business Productivity Trends Post Challenges for Staffing Companies

Small business productivity trends have been increasing over the last year. As the economy’s health grows into 2014, small businesses are applying the lessons of efficiency they learned during the financial crisis to their operations in the present. They are doing this by hiring less and making better do with fewer employees.

As a result of the trend toward greater productivity, companies don’t need to use as many employees as before. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean trouble for your staffing company, as other positive trends of 2014 may balance this one out. However, it does suggest that your staffing agency may have some challenges ahead.

To help manage periods of slow growth, you will need a strong cash flow and a constant source of funding. This can be acquired via invoice factoring. Easier to get approved for and much more flexible than a bank-loan, invoice factoring is the best type of funding. You can get instant cash for your invoices, whenever you need it. There are no binding contracts or hidden fees. Invoice factoring just works for your business, as you need it.