Need a Catchy Name for Your Staffing Company? Check these out!

Names are important. They are the first thing anyone hears about your company. They market you to the world. They suggest associations. They present a first picture of who you are and what you stand for. Names are like songs; the catchy ones won’t be remembered. Coming up with a name for your staffing company can be hard. Here are 15 of the best staffing company names for inspiration:

A+ Nannies Inc.
Apollo Staffing
Bolder Staffing, Inc.
BrightStar Care
Creative Circle
Flex Med
Helpmates Staffing Services
Hire Dynamics
Magellan Search & Staffing
PsychPros, Inc.
Right at Home Inc.
Safe Bridge Solutions
That’s Good HR, Inc

As you can see, the best names have both personality and say something about the company. A really good name is bold. It announces itself to the world. It stands out from among the legions of names that follow the formula of “[Founder’s Name] + Staffing Services.”

Good Names Rely on Associations

BrightStar Care, a medical staffing company, succeeds as a name by conjuring the John Keats sonnet, which begins with “Bright star, would I were steadfast as thou art,” and describes a desire to be strong and resolute despite the speaker’s eventual mortality because of the love he feels—creative and fitting for a medical staffing company. The characteristics which this name suggests for this company include: sensitive, resolute, inspired, and caring.

Magellan Search & Staffing works as a name by associating itself with Ferdinand Magellan, the first person to circumnavigate the world by ship. Along the way, he braved unknown lands, months of hardship, and discovered many cultures, plants, and animals that were unfamiliar to the people of Europe. Magellan’s name is powerful, and has also been used to name galaxies, space probes, and a presidential train car. “Magellan Search & Staffing” suggests a global perspective, bravery to travel to uncharted territory, persistence, passion for discovery, and being on the frontier edge.

Good Names are Clever and Direct

PsychPros is a clever play on “psychos,” which is fitting because the company staffs the behavioral healthcare industry. This subtle humor is good because it has personality; it showcases the humanness of the company, which can only be appealing when so many names feel offputtingly cold and formulaic. Not only is this subtle association fitting and humorous, but it also sends a clear message of who the company is. They are professionals at filling professionals into psychology-related jobs.

Good Names Conjure Good Images

“Bolder Staffing Inc.” not only tells us directly to think of this company as braver than others, but also balances the potential negative sides of that association (recklessness, arbitrariness) by relying on the homophone of “boulder,” an image associated with strength, resolve, and assurity.

“Safe Bridge Solutions” is a great name because it gives us a great image. Bridges are symbolically powerful in themselves, connotation connections, ingenuity, and efficiency, but a safe bridge is even more inviting. Add “Solutions” and the name becomes even more powerful, taking something as great and strong, but passive, as a safe bridge, and giving it a critical and helpful autonomy.

The name is important for your staffing agency, but having the funds to operate is even more important. Invoice factoring is a funding option many companies use to improve cash flow and cover payroll.